Many of us dream about having an enormous kitchen and bath with high ceilings, however, most of us have to deal with a tiny kitchen space. Yet, it shouldn’t be something to be sad about. When it comes to meal preparation in a small kitchen, everything is within arm’s reach making cooking stress-free. It is also easier to maintain and clean.

Instead of frowning, cheer up as we are featuring here the best small kitchen remodel ideas. Plenty of smart innovative ways of spicing up small kitchen ideas that work for you. Whether you need extra cabinet space or a kitchen island, we have it here for you.

Whatever size your space is, the key to maximizing this area is efficient storage solutions and functional kitchen designs. We have gathered clever small kitchen remodeling ideas that will transform your claustrophobic space into a more spacious and bright place.

What are the Benefits of Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas?

We understand how frustrating it is to deal with a small space. We’ve worked with many homeowners with a small kitchens, and we’re proud to say that we have exceeded their expectations. Truly, it was a memorable experience for us to see our clients overwhelmed with joy upon seeing the outcome of their kitchen remodel.

  • A full renovation offers an avenue for you to improve the functionality of your kitchen.
  • Update your kitchen design so you have more clean lines that make small kitchens look more modern.
  • A chance to add more storage space to your kitchen even when just using three sides of the room.
  • Ideas for small kitchen makeover allows you to maximize your new kitchen cabinets. That means you have more space in your warm kitchen.

Without further ado, check out our 30 amazing ideas for a small kitchen remodel.

Merge it with your dining table 

When your dining room is enough only for either an island or dining table, why don’t you add an element that can serve as both? One stylish yet space-saving piece is a drop-leaf table. It allows the crowd to sit, and you can fold the sides when it’s not in use.

Install a booth seating

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home. It is also the most used space when it comes to family events and gatherings. Installing comfortable booth seating on the far side of your island will allow you to entertain your family and friends while cooking your meals.

If you want to go a bit more lux in the kitchen, chandeliers would be great. Remember to choose a size and design that fits well with the rest of the style in your house. Take a look at some of the stunning kitchen remodeling before and after photos which used ambient lighting as well.

Task Lighting

In most small kitchen remodeling tips, keeping your space safe is important. This means you must have enough lighting to have a shadow-free counter space. Installing task lighting underneath your cabinets must be done.

Bring in some mirrors

Incorporating a delicately chosen mirror into your kitchen accentuates a touch of glamor. Mirrors are a great addition to your small kitchen renovation. They help create an impression of a larger space by making the room more brilliant. It also helps illuminate the surfaces of the kitchen and walls.

Paint it Bright

What other way to make a room bright? Well, keep everything white. Choosing white for your kitchen surfaces increases reflection around your space. White is a great color to begin your decor process and it matches well with a modern or country-inspired kitchen.

Other than white, you can also opt for natural colors, like light taupe or greige which makes your space feel elegant. Aside from bouncing off the light, it also offers a touch of warmth in the space.


When you have a small kitchen, you can’t do so much with your horizontal, so what you can do is make your small space look taller. Picking the right ceiling style plays a significant role in your kitchen design.

You have two options – tray and step ceilings. You can adapt any of this to your kitchen and dining area. For small kitchens, a tray ceiling is a good fit. This has a recessed center making your small kitchen appear taller while emphasizing the space right over it as the focal point of kitchen remodel.

On the other hand, a step ceiling is a series of trays that somehow gives your ceiling a geometric design. A nice elaborate version of the first style, which is perfect for transitional homes. Our interior designer can help you pick the right one to match your taste.

Custom Cabinet Space

Improving your cabinets must be top of mind when planning your kitchen makeover. Most homeowners change their old base and upper cabinets when undertaking a kitchen redo. That’s because they want more space and storage, which is great for your growing needs.

We have a collection of high-quality shaker cabinets perfect for your small kitchen. All come from trusted brands like LifeArt Cabinetry, Fabuwood, and more. You’re confident that they will last a lifetime.

White cabinets are one of our best-sellers due to their flexibility in style and layout. An entire wall with white cabinets would be fascinating while adding details to represent your personality.

Opt for Open Shelves

Instead of filling all the available wall space with cabinetry, opt for open shelves for your next small kitchen project. Open shelving gives a contemporary vibe and allows light to pass through. This will avoid the space to appear smaller and more cramped. Open shelving is another alternative to make a room look bigger while eliminating clutter.

White Vintage Kitchen Remodel

For a small space, using large floor tiles can make it feel wider while making it easier to install.

You can insert your oven in between your white cabinets. With that, you have more square footage for your small kitchen makeover. For your white cabinets, you can increase storage by adding shelves. You’re taking advantage of vertical space to have more storage for tiny kitchens.

Merge Dining Room and Small Kitchen

We can also construct a back door from your kitchen that leads to your patio. That way, we are connecting to the outdoors giving an impression of a wider kitchen.

Connecting your small kitchen to other areas of the house is a smart way to make it look bigger. Plus, it creates a more flowing area inside the heart of your home. But if you want a divider, we recommend that you install a temporary wall that can be moved or folded.

Expand Your Counter Space

Having a small kitchen is challenging, yet don’t be discouraged. You can find a way to make use of your walls and room to your advantage. For instance, you have an L-shaped kitchen and you want to add more counter space. What you can do is construct an awkward nook that will serve as your breakfast nook.

This will be your breakfast bar, and supporting it will be your shaker cabinets at the base. You can also pin your countertop to the wall for further support.

Consider Handleless Cabinets

A cabinet without a handle looks more seamless and modern than those with bar pulls or knobs. They make your kitchen feel sleeker regardless of your chosen layout. A slab-style cabinet without a handle can improve the flowing sight lines to your wall.

Vertical Shiplap Walls

You can make your modern kitchen appear taller by having a shiplap wall in a vertical orientation. It will create an illusion of having a taller kitchen while giving a classic touch to your cabinets and layout.

Slender upper cabinets can marry with your wall. You can pick a color that contrasts with it, so your cabinets effortlessly pop out.

Upgrade Appliances

Renovating your kitchen is also an avenue to improve your kitchen appliances. You can buy a modern microwave, stove, and refrigerator to maximize the function of your house.

Stainless steel appliances add an industrial chic beauty to your kitchen. With their durable materials, you can expect your kitchen appliances to last a decade or longer.

Go for a Movable Kitchen Island

A rolling cart as your island would be ideal since you can easily move it to your wall to give more room for your L-shaped kitchen layout. Instead of cabinets, an open shelf would be great for your rolling cart.

Hanging Rack

Create a hanging rank above your sink, and hang your pots and casseroles there. A practical way to increase storage without adding more shelves or cabinets. On the other hand, a shelf is ideal if you mount it to the wall.

Let Natural Light Come In

Reduce the dark cave-like feeling in your small kitchen by letting more light come in. You can do that by having more windows near your sink, by placing a window at the side where the sun is always present.

By doing this, you create an airier ambiance in your kitchen. If you have a glossy finish cabinet, it adds up to the brilliance of your kitchen.

Freestanding Kitchen Appliances

Get rid of dark and messy kitchens by going for freestanding stainless steel appliances. You can find kitchen appliances that are two-in-one already. For instance, a combination of stovetop and microwave or oven at the bottom.

Freestanding stainless steel appliances give a more relaxed feel to your compact kitchen. Also, instead of having a French-door refrigerator, you can go for a compact fridge or a top/bottom freezer that opens on the same side.

Paint Using Neutral Tones

Picking the right paint color for your small kitchen is critical. Oftentimes, we want our kitchen to feel cozy and warm, yet that can shrink your kitchen. The best paint colors for your kitchen are light blue and green. When our brain sees those colors, it reminds us of the wide oceans and green countryside, so it gives us a spacious feeling inside your kitchen.

Glass-front Cabinets

Besides having a slab-style cabinet, you can go for glass-front cabinets. There’s definitely lots of modern kitchen cabinet ideas that you can take into account.  Your line of sight deepens with glass since you can see pass through it. An excellent way to showcase your expensive porcelain wares.

Floating Sink

Why not consider a floating sink for your small kitchen? You get to free more floor space while increasing storage since you can have baskets underneath to store extra utensils or condiments.

You can also go for a vessel sink. A sleek choice that is simple to install while adding glamour to your kitchen.

Foldable Counter

If constructing an island is not feasible, you can go for a folding counter attached to the wall. An extra counter for preparing meals or for eating is a smart way to add function to your compact kitchen. Most of the latest ideas for kitchen remodeling involves stunning islands.

Appliances in between cabinets

You can save more space in your small kitchen when you install your appliances in between cabinets. A seamless way to improve the function and space utilization of your kitchen.

Mini Pantry Carved into the Wall

Instead of adding more cabinets, you can carve a small pantry into your wall. By doing this, you’re hitting two birds with one stone. You save space while having a pantry to store your supplies.

Contrasting Cabinet Colors

Going for high contrast in your kitchen is also wonderful. For instance, you can have white and black cabinets. White cabinets are mounted to the walls while dark cabinets as your base. For your dark base cabinets, you can have a white marble counter. This would add lushness and elegance to your small kitchen.

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