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Granite Countertops have both durability and heat-resistant features. It also has a limitless amount of design options.


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When it comes to natural stone, granite has become the gold standard. It doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to gripe about granite, but it’s because of its impervious strength that makes it ideal for a busy kitchen.

You have many natural minerals to choose from, yet if you ask most homeowners, their countertop choice is mostly granite. This natural stone is durable due to the different minerals comprising it. That means you can see different styles of granite in our collection.

Firstly, granite can impressively withstand heat damage. It is heat resistant since it’s an igneous rock. A natural stone that came from the molten rock underneath the Earth’s surface.

That said, you don’t have to worry about taking your hot pots and putting them on top of your granite counter. They can also effortlessly carry the weight of your heavy pots, so you can expect your granite to last longer than you expected.

Also, because of this trait, granite doesn’t scratch easily. They are low-maintenance stone countertops. But you need to do periodic sealing due to its porous surface. Resisting stains will be enhanced when you seal the granite’s surface.

In terms of cleaning maintenance, you will only use a sponge and water in cleaning granite. If you add dilute dishwashing liquid, you can do so, and then, rinse off the counter with water and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

When you want to savor the beauty and strength of granite without spending too much, then granite tiles are your best option. You can expect their price to be around fifty percent cheaper than granite slabs.

Tile countertops are cheaper, yet they have reduced strength since thickness has been downgraded. But still, you will get to enjoy granite durable countertops with this alternative.

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