Who doesn’t want to have an airy and bright kitchen, right? This is what most homeowners want to happen for the heart of their home. It’s way more comfortable and beautiful for everyone to spend time in a cozy kitchen. If this is what you want, then you’re in the right place since we’re sharing amazing kitchen remodeling ideas with you here.

We hope you find the best ideas here for making your kitchen remodel a success. Let’s get started!

Is it worthwhile to renovate your kitchen?

The kitchen is not just a place for cooking. It has evolved from a simple cooking station to the heart of the home. That means, it’s the main place where people spend time talking with their loved ones while enjoying a cup of drink and food.

When you want to entertain your guest, you can invite them to your kitchen. Therefore, making it airy, bright, and accommodating is important. You’ll surely have a more enjoyable time when your kitchen has a comfortable and elegant ambiance.

How to make your kitchen more airy and vibrant?

White is King

Paint your kitchen walls and cabinets with white. This is a timeless classic option for a modern airy kitchen. It elevates the brightness and spacious feeling inside your kitchen. 

But you can always play along with different shades of white for remodeling kitchen ideas. It’s not necessary that your walls and cabinets will be white, you can choose one of them to be, and then the other will have another neutral tone that can work well with white. Other cabinet colors that improve the airy ambiance of your kitchen are beige, cream, off-white, light gray, and sky blue.

The color of your cabinets must marry with your kitchen walls. But you can always choose a palette that will be contrasting with the walls. It helps make your cabinets pop out from the background and become the focal point of your kitchen remodel.

For instance, stained wood and gray cabinets can be a perfect partner with white walls. Our designers can help you decide on this one during our free consultation session.

Minimalist Approach 

You might be tempted to put a lot of ornate designs in your kitchen. There are many kitchen ideas remodeling you can think of, yet for an airy kitchen, a minimalist approach is the best route.

Clean lines and less intricate patterns is evident for modern kitchen remodeling ideas. It makes your space less messy and busy, which is cool to the eyes. It also gives you an impression of having a wider space. 

Here are some ideas you can adapt for minimalist style:

  • Slab-style cabinet door
  • Wooden accessories
  • Ornamental plants
  • Glass surfaces
  • Quartz stone surfaces

More lights

Adding more lights is one of the go-to ideas for remodeling a small kitchen on a budget. This helps brighten up space while inviting a soothing ambiance in your kitchen.

Ambient Lighting

We can install island lighting or a small glass chandelier to your kitchen. This helps illuminate the entire space while giving it a homey look. 

Recessed lighting is also popular today as it is sleek and stylish. We can help you decide where to install them in your kitchen.

Task Lighting

These are lighting fixtures installed under your cabinet or the hanging pendant lights on top of your kitchen island.

Accent Lighting 

We can install sconces and outdoor lighting to your kitchen. These lighting fixtures give style to your modern kitchen. 

Glass Pocket Door

Most kitchen home remodeling ideas have incorporated sliding glass doors that connect the kitchen to the outdoors. This pocket glass door can be linked to your patio or porch. You can have coffee or tea there when you want to enjoy the outdoor vibe.

Glass-front Cabinet Doors and Open Shelving

Aside from slab-style, glass-front cabinet doors are great options in adding style to your airy kitchen remodel. You can showcase the beauty of your expensive porcelain wares inside your kitchen cabinets. Underneath your wall-hung cabinets are wooden open shelvings. This complements your glass-front while adding warmth to your kitchen.

We can also install LED lighting inside your cabinet to illuminate them at night. This helps you see what’s inside while highlighting your ceramic and porcelain dishes.

Windows and Indoor Plants

Alternatively, adding wide windows near the sink is ideal to bring more natural light to your kitchen. This makes the heart of your home more vibrant and comfortable. As you look outside through the window, you have a longer view for a more spacious ambiance.

Add Indoor Plants 

Besides the windows and glass pocket doors, you can also add some ornamental plants inside your kitchen. Place them at the center of your kitchen island or near your sink counter.

When you want to make your kitchen homier and warm, adding greeneries would be necessary. They also marry with wooden accessories inside your kitchen.

Other things to consider

Add a Splash of Color to your Backsplash Tiles

An element of surprise would not hurt your dream of having an airy kitchen remodel. In fact, it gives excitement to your eyes as you see vibrant colors from your white kitchen walls. You can use mosaic or glass tiles for your backsplash. Geometric patterns is the best we recommend for your modern fresh kitchen.

Comfortable Seats

Ensuring you have a comfortable time inside your airy kitchen means you have quality furniture. Choose a cushioned bar stool or seats for your kitchen island or breakfast bar. Even if you’ll be sitting longer than three hours, if the cushion is good, you and your guest will have a comfortable time catching up with life.

Kitchen Layout

To have a smooth flowing ambiance, having the right kitchen layout is essential. The common layouts for this theme is L-shaped with an island, U-shaped kitchen, and one-wall kitchen layout. These layouts maximize the space usage of your kitchen.

If you need to change the current layout, it’s best to consult with a professional. Remember, it’s not cheap to change the entire layout of your kitchen. Better consult with a professional to ensure your modifications are feasible and the outcome is elegant.

Book a free design consultation

We understand how challenging it is to find the right combinations for your kitchen remodel. You have many things to look into, and there are times you are not sure if the design you have in mind is workable or not. To guarantee the success of your kitchen makeover, it’s best to consult with a professional remodeling company.

We can help you generate ideas for remodeling the kitchen, and pick the right one for you. Book a free design consultation with us today.