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Marble Countertops are best for their luxurious appearance, and they remain cool naturally, which makes them a good surface for cooking.


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Marble is one of the rivals of granite natural stone. When it comes to custom kitchen countertops, you can depend on marble. They are proven to increase the value and beauty of your property.

In terms of colors and patterns, you will be amazed at what marble has to offer. Its natural wide veining patterns resemble contemporary aesthetics that can marry with your modern or transitional cabinetry.

Marble kitchen countertops come in various hues like taupe, brown, gray, off-white, and green. If you see marble’s veining and break the slab into two, you will realize that they are never the same. You can find several design trends for this natural stone. We can help you find and install the best marble stone for your kitchen countertops.

Besides that, marble’s prime beauty is known to elevate the value of your home. Among other countertop materials, marble is not cheap. It’s not practical for you to buy them if you don’t have the right budget. If you choose marble countertops, you must embrace its expensive price and the level of care and maintenance they will need.

Another thing you need to embrace for this countertop material is the care they need to stay beautiful. Caring for your marble countertops is slightly challenging because of their porous surface. You will have to do regular sealing every year to keep your countertop surface stain resistant. Stains can be a real pain on marble, so to prevent stains, you need to seal them, at the same time, you can use placemats when eating or drinking.

In cleaning your marble stone, you will only use lukewarm water with dishwashing liquid and microfiber. After wiping the surface, you can dry it up with a clean cloth. It’s fairly easy to maintain the cleanliness of your marble stone countertop.

Of all kitchen countertops, marble is highly recommended for pastry, why? That’s because of the naturally low temperature of its surface. A cool surface is perfect for rolling your dough.

As mentioned before, marble isn’t cheap, yet you can find an alternative by going for a tile instead of a slab. You will find the cost of their tile to be around $5 to $10 per square foot. Highly competitive to other affordable materials for your countertops.

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