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We understand how critical it is for you to choose the best countertop material for your kitchen remodeling project. You have different material options in the market, and finding the perfect countertop may look like finding a needle in a haystack.

But never worry, as we’re going to help you weigh things in picking the right material from our collection of kitchen countertops. One that’s incredibly durable and beautiful to complement your kitchen design.


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All Stone Brands

All Stone Types

The styles offered by cabinets today are as limitless as they come, with contemporary designs incorporating sleek curves that give off an ultra-modern vibe all their own!

Beautiful kitchen in luxury home interior with island and stainl


Quartz Countertops is your top choice for indoor countertop when it comes to durability and versatile appearance.

Beautiful kitchen in luxury home interior with island and stainl


Unlike Quartz, Quartzite Countertops are UV Resistant, which won’t fade and darken even when exposed to direct sunlight.

Luxury home interior boasts Beautiful black and white kitchen with custom white shaker cabinets, endless marble topped kitchen island with black leather stools over wide planked hardwood floor.


Marble Countertops are best for their luxurious appearance, and they remain cool naturally, which makes them a good surface for cooking.

White kitchen design features large bar style kitchen island with granite countertop illuminated by modern pendant lights. Northwest, USA


Granite Countertops have both durability and heat-resistant features. It also has a limitless amount of design options.

Different Kitchen Countertops

You might be wondering what are your options for kitchen countertops. You have plenty of options in our store, and we’ll help you weigh the pros and cons of each kitchen countertop material.

You don’t change your kitchen counters every year, so we want you to make it worthwhile. The perfect countertop will not just only make your kitchen beautiful, but it will also add value and function to your dream kitchen.

Let’s go over our countertop materials, and hope you can pick one that fits your home improvement project.

Table of Contents

Natural Stone Countertops

Granite Countertops

When it comes to natural stone, granite has become the gold standard. It doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to gripe about granite, but it’s because of its impervious strength that makes it ideal for a busy kitchen.

You have many natural minerals to choose from, yet if you ask most homeowners, their countertop choice is mostly granite. This natural stone is durable due to the different minerals comprising it. That means you can see different styles of granite in our collection.

Heat resistant

Firstly, granite can impressively withstand heat damage. It is heat resistant since it’s an igneous rock. A natural stone that came from the molten rock underneath the Earth’s surface.

That said, you don’t have to worry about taking your hot pots and putting them on top of your granite counter. They can also effortlessly carry the weight of your heavy pots, so you can expect your granite to last longer than you expected.

Scratch proof

Also, because of this trait, granite doesn’t scratch easily. They are low-maintenance stone countertops. But you need to do periodic sealing due to its porous surface. Resisting stains will be enhanced when you seal the granite’s surface.

Low Cleaning Requirements

In terms of cleaning maintenance, you will only use a sponge and water in cleaning granite. If you add dilute dishwashing liquid, you can do so, and then, rinse off the counter with water and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Is there an affordable alternative to a granite slab?

When you want to savor the beauty and strength of granite without spending too much, then granite tiles are your best option. You can expect their price to be around fifty percent cheaper than granite slabs.

Tile countertops are cheaper, yet they have reduced strength since thickness has been downgraded. But still, you will get to enjoy granite durable countertops with this alternative.

Marble Countertops

Marble is one of the rivals of granite natural stone. When it comes to custom kitchen countertops, you can depend on marble. They are proven to increase the value and beauty of your property.

Modern Looks

In terms of colors and patterns, you will be amazed at what marble has to offer. Its natural wide veining patterns resemble contemporary aesthetics that can marry with your modern or transitional cabinetry.

Marble kitchen countertops come in various hues like taupe, brown, gray, off-white, and green. If you see marble’s veining and break the slab into two, you will realize that they are never the same. You can find several design trends for this natural stone. We can help you find and install the best marble stone for your kitchen countertops.

Besides that, marble’s prime beauty is known to elevate the value of your home. Among other countertop materials, marble is not cheap. It’s not practical for you to buy them if you don’t have the right budget. If you choose marble countertops, you must embrace its expensive price and the level of care and maintenance they will need.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Another thing you need to embrace for this countertop material is the care they need to stay beautiful. Caring for your marble countertops is slightly challenging because of their porous surface. You will have to do regular sealing every year to keep your countertop surface stain resistant. Stains can be a real pain on marble, so to prevent stains, you need to seal them, at the same time, you can use placemats when eating or drinking.

In cleaning your marble stone, you will only use lukewarm water with dishwashing liquid and microfiber. After wiping the surface, you can dry it up with a clean cloth. It’s fairly easy to maintain the cleanliness of your marble stone countertop.

Cool Surface

Of all kitchen countertops, marble is highly recommended for pastry, why? That’s because of the naturally low temperature of its surface. A cool surface is perfect for rolling your dough.

Marble Tiles

As mentioned before, marble isn’t cheap, yet you can find an alternative by going for a tile instead of a slab. You will find the cost of their tile to be around $5 to $10 per square foot. Highly competitive to other affordable materials for your countertops.

Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surfaces can be considered both man-made and natural stone. One-third of it is made of synthetic materials like polymer resins while two-thirds are other natural stones.

You can consider them mid-level kitchen countertops. Solid surface hits at the middle for both price and quality metrics. If you can’t go for granite countertops, still, you can enjoy reliable durability from this stone. That’s because of the different materials comprising solid surface countertops.

Affordable than Granite and Quartz Countertops

Solid surfaces came to life since people want to enjoy the lucrative beauty of granite and quartz without spending too much. Because of that, this stone kitchen countertop was made. In our collection, you will see many slabs having parallel features with natural granite and quartz. The colors and patterns are made similar to natural stones, making them an affordable alternative.

The industry price of solid surface starts at $50 per square foot. A fair price for its reliable quality and aesthetics.

Naturally Stain Resistant

Spills are notorious for any kitchen countertop. Thankfully, this stone has a nonporous surface, so spilled liquids cannot penetrate it. Therefore, maintenance will be easy for your kitchen countertop.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Picking the right materials for your kitchen countertop is never easy. Will it be right for you to have a solid surface? If you want a stone that’s easy to clean and maintain, this would be an excellent choice for you.

You can use lukewarm water with a dishwashing solution for wiping off the countertop surface. Use soft microfiber to prevent scratches. But if scratches are present, you can lightly sand them off to remove them.

One gripe you will find for this stone, it’s not that heat resistant. You need to use hot pads or wooden pads when you place your hot pots on top of your countertop.

Engineered Stone Countertops

Quartz Countertops

If you want an alternative to marble’s exquisite beauty without being soft and porous, then quartz countertops are your best choice. Many are eyeing to have this engineered stone countertop as it is perfect for modern homes.

Versatile Beauty

Quartz has subtle veining that works with your clean lines and calm designs for a contemporary or transitional kitchen remodel. Its patterns are calmer than granite countertops and marble. Because it’s man-made, the design of each quartz slab can be customized to match the demand of the market.

Easy to clean

Compared to other natural stone countertops, quartz is innately nonporous. You will have no problem with stains and bacteria for this one, unlike granite and marble you need to re-seal every year. Because quartz is stain-resistant, cleaning and maintenance will be easy on your end.

Higher Price

The quartz countertop material isn’t cheap, yet you will find it worthwhile because of its added value and function to your space. The industry price of quartz countertops ranges from $50 to $65 per square foot at the affordable end. If you go mid-quality, that will be around $65 to $75 while the high-quality slabs are at $75 to $150 per square foot.

The price tag of quartz countertops is just since it will go higher with better quality. Considering you don’t change your kitchen countertops annually, you might think about picking the best quality quartz slab for your upcoming kitchen remodel.

Professional Installation is needed

Quartz countertop is surprisingly heavy, that’s why DIY installation is not recommended. You need to hire a professional to customize and install your quartz countertops to avoid damage and improper measurements.

Our team can help since we have more than a decade of experience in the countertop industry. When it comes to heavy objects like quartz, we know the best practices for installing them. Quartz is a dense material made from different minerals combined with polymer resins to bind them all together.

Adds value to your property

If your reason for renovating your kitchen is to increase resale value, then going for quartz countertops is an excellent choice. By installing this countertop properly, meaning its overall design complements your home, it can increase the resale value of your home by around 50 to 60 percent of its overall installation cost.

Incredibly Durable

Quartz is more durable than a solid surface, so it’s the perfect countertop for your busy kitchen. It is resilient to scratches and nonporous to wick off stains and moisture.

Choosing a durable quartz countertop is best so that you can expect it to last for more than a decade. But still, we encourage you to use your cutting boards when slicing your meat, spices, and vegetables. You can’t abuse the strength of quartz as you also want to preserve its beauty.

If you want to see a variation of quartz slabs, you can see them in our store. Our designer will help you find the right one that suits your preference and budget.

Laminate Countertops

When it comes to affordable countertops, laminate countertops are one of your best options. They are essentially made of laminate bonded to medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Some of the famous brands of laminate tops are Formica and Wilsonart. Both countertop brands are known to be sturdy and beautiful.

Formica Laminate Countertop

Formica is a known brand of laminate countertops that produces a parallel appearance with natural stone. You can see many prefab laminate countertops in our store. This is your last resort if you are on a tight budget.

Easy to install

Unlike granite and quartz, laminate can be installed on your own. You don’t need high-power equipment and skills to do it. You just need to have the right measurement for your countertops.

Wide range of colors and patterns

Because laminate is man-made, manufacturers can produce hundreds of various colors and styles for this countertop. Some may mimic quartz while others mimic marble or granite. For an affordable price, you get to enjoy the beauty of natural stones without paying a hefty price.

Prone to heat damage and peeling

Laminate is vulnerable to heat and chips. That’s why you need to use hot pads or boards when placing your casseroles on top of your laminate countertops.

When slicing meat, veggies, or spices, you need to use wooden boards on your laminate since they scratch easily.

Other Countertop Materials

Wood Countertops

Wood or butcher block countertops are the epitomai of green countertops. They truly warm your kitchen with their natural grain texture and color that resembles the warmth of nature.

When you want a countryside or classic feel to your kitchen countertops, you can always rely on wood. You can use reclaimed wood for your countertop. To make them resistant to moisture and stains, you can seal their surface. This is an added cost, yet truly worthwhile since you can preserve your wood countertop for more than a decade.

For some instances, if you want your butcher block to shine, you can wipe it lightly with mineral oil. Wood works well with this, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it.

Compared to laminates, butcher block has a higher chance of adding value and style to your kitchen countertop.

Concrete Countertops

You can choose concrete countertops when you want to customize the shape and texture of your kitchen countertop. Sky is the limit for this, yet you need to hire a professional to ensure your vision is realized.

The labor cost of constructing your concrete countertops is expensive. However, when done right, the outcome is worthwhile. The industrial chic looks of concrete can be masked with any color and pattern to match your cabinetry and walls.

Your main setback for this is the extensive labor required to ensure your dream concrete countertops come to life.

Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless steel is one of the most pricey materials you can have for your countertops. However, a lot of homeowners are still going for it since it is sturdy, clean, and modern to look at. Who would wonder if stainless steel countertops you see in restaurants would enter into home remodeling, right?

Besides being modern and durable, stainless steel is easy to clean and maintain. But you have to reinforce their protection again corrosion. That will be your main concern when having this countertop in your home.

Other than that, all works well for stainless steel countertops. They add value and function to your kitchen.

Porcelain Countertops

Porcelain countertops are made of kaolin, which is a mixture of China stone powder and white clay. Because of its composition and how it is made, this countertop has impressive resistance to heat and moisture. If you have a busy kitchen, you might want to consider having this countertop, right?

Porcelain countertops bring Earthly warmth and texture to your modern kitchen. They balance out all modern features in your space without being overpowering. You can have pre-cut tile or slab of porcelain from stone suppliers for your kitchen countertops.

If you’ll be using tiles, you will have to embrace the grout lines. Cleaning will be intimidating if you have plenty of grout lines on your countertops. However, you can escape that if you choose larger tiles.

Glass Counters

Durable tempered glass is also a trending material for kitchen countertops. Like steel, they are clean and modern to look at, making them a focal point of your kitchen.

The obvious benefits of having glass countertops include:

  • Anti-bacterial surface

  • Effective water resistance

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Modern and clean looks

The main setback of glass countertops is cracking or breaking when hit by a hard object. You need to be careful when using sharp or heavy objects on your glass countertops.


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