Fabuwood cabinets have become a go-to choice for homeowners and interior designers alike, as they offer an impressive combination of style, functionality, and affordability. Reviews from both groups are consistently positive in regard to the quality delivered by Fabuwood kitchen cabinets. Their value is unmatched with diverse collections available that suit virtually any needs or desires when it comes to renovating your cooking space. Delivery concerns are also addressed adequately while potential damages caused during transport are handled appropriately – all aspects highlighting the key reasons why these cupboards remain so popular today!

Short Summary

  • Fabuwood Cabinets offer superior craftsmanship, exquisite design, and budget-friendly options.

  • Fabuwood cabinets provide a wide range of modern and traditional designs at an affordable price with solid plywood construction, dovetail design, 6-way adjustable hinges, and soft close mechanisms.

  • Fabuwood is dedicated to upholding environmental standards while providing excellent cabinetry products through their TSCA VI & CARB 2 compliant manufacturing process based in Newark, NJ.

The Value of Fabuwood Cabinets

The Value of Fabuwood Cabinets

Fabuwood cabinets have made a name for themselves due to their affordable prices and stylish designs. Their range excellent quality of products appeals to different demographics, from homeowners, designers, and contractors all across America (New Jersey included), allowing them access to quality cabinetry without breaking the bank.

Their impeccable craftsmanship coupled with incredible design options has established Fabuwood as an esteemed brand in the cabinet market.

Budget-friendly Options

Fabuwood provides a number of cost-friendly cabinet designs that are perfect for homeowners, contractors, designers, and builders. The Discovery Frost kitchen design has an elegant yet traditional white Shaker cabinets style with white coloration. Great if you’re looking to maintain a classic look without spending too much. The Quest Metro Mist is ideal for constructing an exquisite atmosphere in your cooking space as it comes with classic overlay doors plus 5-piece recessed panel drawer fronts finished off by Mist coloring. Finally, the Quest Metro Java displays modernity alongside its contemporary vibes while enhancing any type of kitchen decor.

Stylish Designs at Reasonable Prices

Fabuwood cabinets provide a perfect blend of style and affordability for homeowners and designers alike. With an array of contemporary to traditional designs, you can be sure that your kitchen will look stunning no matter what size it is. Offering budget-friendly options as well as top-quality cabinet collections from small to large sizes, Fabuwood has the ideal cabinetry design suitable for every preference and requirement!

Quality and Performance of Fabuwood Cabinets

Quality and Performance of Fabuwood Cabinets

For the ultimate combination of quality and performance, Fabuwood cabinets come out on top. Each cabinet is handcrafted with strong materials such as plywood and birch featuring dovetail construction that joins each piece securely, flush inner frames for an aesthetically-pleasing look, full extension soft close drawers so they open smoothly without slamming shut or creating excess sound, level drawer fronts to provide easy 3/8″ adjustments when needed plus Blum hardware and metal shelf clips for long-lasting support throughout years of use.

Fabuwood Cabinets feature impeccable craftsmanship providing beautiful yet durable results every time, delivering both form AND function at its finest!

Plywood Construction and Dovetail Design

Fabuwood cabinets are crafted with quality and durability in mind. The construction process features solid 1/2″ plywood cabinet backs, a dovetail design for connecting the inner frames securely, making them sturdy and long-lasting. To their strong build, these cupboards also exude class due to being made from real birch wood for a truly luxurious look within any home setting.

Soft-close Mechanisms and Adjustable Hinges

Fabuwood cabinets are designed to deliver style, function, and durability with their 6-way adjustable hinges and soft-close mechanisms. These features make it easy for the doors on your Fabuwood kitchen cabinet to be adjusted in height, depth, or side-to-side alignment – enabling them to fit perfectly into place. The slow closing action of these mechanisms ensures a quiet closure that minimizes any potential damage resulting from hard slamming, making sure you get all the benefits out of using this type of cabinetry.

Popular Collections and Styles in Fabuwood Cabinets

Popular Collections and Styles in Fabuwood Cabinets

Fabuwood’s cabinet lines are extremely popular amongst customers due to their unique characteristics and designs. Their top-favored collections include the Allure Series, and Imperio Line, as well as other elements and economical options that cater to a wide variety of needs.

Each one is crafted with the highest quality standards in mind, giving you pieces that will last for years to come without sacrificing style or design aesthetics. From classic features like intricate molding details to modern colors and glazes, Fabuwood can provide just the perfect balance for what your dream home requires!

The Allure Series

The Allure Series of cabinets provides a modern and sophisticated addition to any kitchen. With full overlay doors, solid wood frames, an MDF center panel for stability, and Compact Blumotion soft-close hinges concealed within each cabinet door, these have everything you need for a stylish update. The designs featured in this collection include the Galaxy Indigo and Fusion Stone models which ensure your kitchen looks sleek with lasting quality due to mortise & tenon construction technology. Homeowners looking to add an elegant touch can rely on the unique characteristics of the Allure series’ cabinets as they are crafted from high-quality woods that make them look stunning yet robust at the same time.

The Imperio Line

This elegant and contemporary Imperio Line is designed with flat panels, classic moldings, and intricate details that add a modern flair. Perfect for any style kitchen, the range of finishes offers versatility to suit your unique taste. Its timeless design and contemporary feel makes it an attractive addition to your home decor and brings warmth into whatever room it is in.

The transitional styling provides harmony between traditional designs and current trends without compromising on detail or quality. Making this collection one of superior distinction yet still utterly up-to-date, perfect for every kitchen!

Economical Cabinet Lines

Economical Cabinet Lines

If you are searching for more economical solutions, Fabuwood offers their Value collection as well as Quest Metro Java kitchen cabinets. Both of these cabinet lines provide various finishes and fundamental features to give good quality cabinetry without a hefty price tag. The Value selection has stylish looks at an affordable cost while the Allure series’Quest Metro Java offer contemporary designs with plywood construction and dovetail design making them great options if you’re looking for high-quality yet budget-friendly Fabuwood cabinets.

Addressing Delivery and Damage Concerns

Addressing Delivery and Damage Concerns

When opting to purchase new kitchen cabinets, Fabuwood knows that there may be certain issues involved. These include potential delays in manufacturing and material availability disparities as well as delivering the product without a warranty for any damage occurring during transit. Their customer service is always available should you need it and rest on – they will guarantee your brand-new Fabuwood Cabinets arrive safe and ready for installation!

Scratches and Minor Damages

Homeowners who have bought Fabuwood cabinets might find themselves dealing with scratches and minor damages, a problem that can be annoying. Thanks to the customer service team of Fabuwood, replacing parts or providing repair services are solutions for this issue ensuring an aesthetically pleasing look afterwards.

For avoiding such issues in the future, one may also opt for adding protective layers onto their appliances and newly purchased cabinets from a Fabuwood dealer, so as to keep them looking pristine over time.

Fabuwood’s Customer Service and Support

Fabuwood has demonstrated a dedication to its customers, offering high-quality kitchen cabinetry. Despite some mixed reviews about the level of customer service provided, Fabuwood is committed to remedying any concerns and ensuring satisfaction with its products. To be able to do so. Improve upon offerings for clients they are in the process of revamping delivery operations as well as enhancing support services.

The company continues striving towards perfection so that patrons can count on them when it comes to outfitting kitchens with superior cabinetry solutions.

Fabuwood Cabinets: Environmental Commitment and Manufacturing Process

Fabuwood Cabinets: Environmental Commitment and Manufacturing Process

Headquartered in Jersey City, NJ, the manufacturer Fabuwood is a company that strives to offer cabinets of exceptional quality at an accessible price point. To this commitment, the organization employs environmentally friendly materials and complies with regulations such as TSCA VI and CARB 2 so they can help minimize formaldehyde emissions from wooden cabinetry products. The items are produced in China before being assembled here in America by Fabuwood’s professional team.

Eco-friendly Practices

Fabuwood cabinets are designed to be resilient and sustainable with their pro-touch technique. This method offers superior moisture protection, making them a perfect choice for households that demand strength against damage along with easy cleaning. On top of this, these eco-friendly practices bring together style, practicality, and sustainability all in one package, what more could you want from your Fabuwood cabinets?

Manufacturing Location and Headquarters

Fabuwood’s production headquarters are based in Newark, NJ, with global sourcing and assembly of their cabinets taking place within the US, making sure that high-quality standards, as well as environmental responsibility, are met. This priority on producing only top-notch items sets Fabuwood apart from other providers for your kitchen cabinetry needs. You can trust them to deliver exactly what they promise!


Homeowners and designers alike have discovered the value of Fabuwood cabinets for their kitchen renovations. Known for being stylish, high-quality construction, these cabinets provide a great balance between practicality and sustainability without breaking the bank. The company offers numerous collections white cabinets with unique designs that will upgrade any space while also ensuring customer satisfaction every step of the way.

Fabuwood is committed to providing premium features in all its products. No matter if you’re starting from scratch or remodeling your home – these cabinets are sure to elevate your kitchen design over time due to their impressive combination of quality materials, popular choices available on demand at reasonable prices plus an environmentally friendly approach used during the production process. So why not explore this opportunity now? Go ahead and find out what difference buying a Fabuwood cabinet makes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Fabuwood cabinets real wood?

Fabuwood cabinets are manufactured with genuine wood. The strength of their construction is highlighted by the cabinet box being composed entirely out of plywood and solid 1/2″ pieces backing up the doors and drawers, as well as dovetail assembly providing sturdy joining points, flush interior frames to make an even look all-around, and full extension soft close functions for convenience when opening or closing them. Also incorporating EZ level drawer fronts which allow a 3/8′ adjustment.

This marks Fabuwood cabinetry as real wooden products built with thoughtfulness in mind!

Is Fabuwood made in China?

Fabuwood cabinets are not created in China. Instead, parts for them come from multiple places worldwide, and the production process is completed at their Newark, NJ facility. All of this results in Fabuwood offering high-quality American-made cabinets to customers.

Does Fabuwood use MDF?

Fabuwood includes MDF in their painted lines of cabinetry and furniture, which is more reliable than solid wood as it does not shrink or warp. This composite material consists of resin mixed with small pieces of wood fibers that produce a durable product. Through this process, Fabuwood dealers can provide products less likely to be affected by time or external elements without sacrificing quality.

What is the lead time for Fabuwood cabinets?

Fabuwood cabinets can be enjoyed in just 3-4 weeks, a short lead time that guarantees customers will receive their cabinetry promptly.

Are Fabuwood cabinets real wood?

Fabuwood cabinets are crafted from top-notch 1/2″ plywood with dovetail assembly and inner frames, featuring adjustable drawer faces plus full extension soft close drawers and doors. Guaranteeing a great quality product is what these cabinets provide for their customers through the use of long-lasting construction methods that ensure good performance.