Blossom Bathroom Vanities

Mudosi Kitchen and Bath is here to help you make your bathroom remodeling project a success. We have decades of experience in the industry and can offer superior quality at competitive prices. We have choices of different bathroom vanities for you to choose from. 

Shop by Size

Choose among these Blossom Vanities by their size. We offer a wide variation of sizes, to perfectly match your space. We have here 0” to 30”, perfect for a small bathroom. If you have bigger space, try browsing from 31” up to 50” vanity. If you have a very spacious bathroom, we offer 60” and above vanity sizes for you to explore. Shop now and find the ideal Blossom Vanity to make your bathroom elegant and attractive.

Shop by Colors

Shop our Blossom bathroom vanity by colors. From light to dark shade, from aesthetic or classic whites to bold and modern hues, our Blossom Vanities offers a wide range of shades to complement your bathroom theme. Shop now and find the perfect color of Blossom Vanity to match your luxury bathroom.

Shop by Style

Browse our collection of Blossom Vanity by its style. We have a free-standing vanity, if you want it to be moved easily in your spacious bathroom, or wall-mounted to express modern bathroom design, or maybe double-sink vanities for you and your family. Start browsing now and shop for the perfect vanity style that matches your needs.

Blossom Collections


Blossom Vanities offers many collections for you to find the perfect match for your bathroom. From modern floating vanities, to classic traditional free-standing vanities, we got them all for you. Start browsing now, and shop the perfect vanity collection to make your dream bathroom a reality.

Front view Barcelona 24" Dark Oak


Barcelona Collection offers timeless elegance with contemporary design with its flat drawers, and minimalist handles.

White wall-mounted vanity


Sleek, modern, and space-saving, the Blossom Wall-Mounted Vanity Berlin Collection offers handleless vanities, perfect for minimalists.


With its Shaker-inspired design, the Geneva Collection vanities blend seamlessly into both traditional and contemporary settings.

Front view Milan 48" Single / Double Glossy White


From sleek single-sink options to spacious double vanities, these free-standing vanities are a masterpiece of modern elegance.

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