Are you struggling with a tiny bathroom? Looking to maximize your limited kitchen and bath space with smart storage solutions? Searching for a small bathroom vanity that looks stylish yet still offers functionality?

You’re not alone. Small bathrooms present numerous challenges, especially when it comes to finding vanities that fit. With less square footage to work with, every inch matters. That’s why choosing the right petite vanity is so critical.

The good news? There are now more small bathroom vanity options available than ever before, ranging from single vanities less than 24 inches wide to compact corner units that tuck neatly out of the way. You can even find double vanity solutions scaled down to suit tiny baths.

This guide will explore all the possibilities to help you discover your perfect small bathroom remodeling ideas that focus on vanity. Let’s dive in!

Small bathroom style with shower, toilet, and pedestal sink

The Challenges of Small Bathroom Spaces

Before launching into recommendations for pint-sized vanities, let’s first understand why small bathrooms need special considerations:

  • Limited overall space – When working with a modest floor plan, every piece of furniture needs to fill a practical purpose while occupying a minimal area. Large vanities eat up valuable real estate better used for functional spaces.
  • Restricted traffic zones – Pathways should allow for comfortable movement without congestion. Oversized vanities cramp routes, creating bottlenecks.
  • Reduced storage options – With less surface area, you’ll likely sacrifice storage space. Carefully determining essentials to house is key.
  • Limitations on double vanity width – Two sinks may overwhelm, demanding creative spatial planning like a corner double vanity.

But don’t panic! The right small bathroom vanity helps you overcome these obstacles with a savvy design tailored to modest dimensions.

How Much Space Do You Need?

Before shopping for a petite vanity, assess how much room you can realistically dedicate to the space. Consider not only bathroom square footage but also existing elements like toilets, showers, and doorways that affect placement.

Carefully measure the width and depth available, while accounting for ideal traffic flow. This will determine what size vanity can fit without cramping your style.

Here are some standard measurements that help you estimate what your bathroom can accommodate:

Single Bathroom Vanity Widths

  • 16 to 18″ Ultra space saving for extremely small baths
  • 20 to 24″ Fits many half baths and tight floorplans
  • 30 to 36″ Works well for modest full bathrooms
  • 48″ Typical wider single vanity size

Standard Double Vanity Widths

  • 48″ Compact double vanity fitting smaller spaces
  • 60″ Standard wider double vanity measurement
  • 72 to 96″ Extra wide double vanities for larger bathrooms

Once you’ve calculated likely vanity dimensions for your particular layout, read on to explore all the stylish small bathroom vanity ideas at your disposal.

Bright small bathroom with floating vanity

Choosing Single vs. Double Vanities

One of the first decisions is whether you want a single or double-sink vanity. Even if square footage is limited, dual vanities offer advantages:

Benefits of Double Vanity

  • Separate his and her sinks
  • Added storage capacity
  • Feels roomier aesthetically
  • Higher resale value

But single vanities work better for tiny baths by consuming less area. Well-designed single vanities maximize function efficiently.

Benefits of Single Vanity

  • Takes up less space with a smaller footprint
  • Costs less up front
  • A simpler layout is easier to arrange
  • Styled right, it still feels spacious

Fortunately single vanities now available in under 24-inch widths deliver practical use without sacrificing style. Innovative corner double vanity designs allow dual sinks even in modest dimensions.

14 Stylish Small Bathroom Vanities Under 30 Inches Wide

Ready to view some inspiration for petite vanities suited to tiny bathrooms? Here are 14 of our favorite finds measuring under 30 inches wide:

1. Wyndham Collection Soho Solid Elm Wood Vanity

This simple, modern Wyndham Collection vanity measures just 24″ wide yet still features a ceramic sink basin plus a storage cabinet for keeping bathroom essentials nearby. The clean-lined solid elm wood sports an elegant finish to match a variety of decors.

2. Design Element DE-280 Single Sink Bath Cabinet

At only 18″ wide, this DE-280 single vanity cabinet by Design Element has a surprisingly roomy interior. Its vitreous china porcelain sink and accompanying mirror save space while lending a touch of modern style.

3. Virtu USA Caroline Single Bath Vanity

This classics-inspired single vanity with a Carrara white marble top manages to squeeze in columns and drawers for a furniture look in just 24 inches across. The Virtu USA Caroline looks right at home in vintage surroundings.

4. Silkroad Exclusive Travertine Stone Single Sink Bathroom Vanity

Housing a glass vessel sink bowl atop a natural travertine stone surface, this Silkroad Exclusive vanity works well as a nature-inspired focal point, thanks to its slim 20-inch width demanding attention.

5. Wyndham Collection Galileo Galilei Wall-Mount Vanity

This contemporary wall-mounted floating vanity by Wyndham maximizes vertical space for storage with two frosted tempered glass doors hiding integrated shelves behind the white porcelain sink. Sleek stainless steel accents add modern personality within a footprint under 2 feet wide.

6. Virtu USA Eastward Single Hole Bathroom Vanity

The Eastward single vanity from Virtu USA features adaptable sizing down to just 22 inches across, making it a great option for adjusting to available rooms. Its solid wood cabinet adds warmth balanced against the cool gray stone sink top.

7. James Martin Burlington Single Vanity

This budget-friendly, traditional-styled James Martin Burlington single vanity gives you classic details like decorative legs, panel accents, and drawer knobs even in a petite 24-inch single sink option. The use of wood composite rather than solid wood keeps costs lower without sacrificing attractive design.

8. Silkroad Exclusive Fine Fireclay Rectangle Vanity Sink

Beautiful sleek lines define the minimalist look of this practical Silkroad Exclusive vanity sink. Made from fine fireclay for durability with antibacterial properties, the rectangle sink design is available separately for wall mounting or pairing with your choice of narrow bath cabinet.

9. Wyndham Collection Xenia Wall Hung Vanity

For a distinctly modern floating vanity look even in tighter confines, check out this wall mount Xenia model by Wyndham Collection. The reflective gray tempered glass sink coupled with matching mirrored cabinet front works well highlighting metallic wallpaper or brushed metals.

10. Silkroad Exclusive Avaline Art Glass Vessel Sink Vanity

Featuring a stunning turquoise art glass vessel sink, this decorative vanity cabinet from Silkroad Exclusive makes a vivid style statement despite its space-saving 21.5-inch width. Use the open shelf to show off colorful accent tiles or bath linens.

11. Silkroad Exclusive Travertine Top Bath Vanity Haverhill Collection

The rectangular ceramic sink basin and neutral tans of this small Haverhill vanity by Silkroad evoke spa-like atmospheres, as the natural travertine stone countertop looks like it came straight from canyon rock formations. Fitted with a wooden medicine cabinet up top for convenient storage.

12. D’Vontz Nova Bathroom Vanity Combo

At only 20″ wide, this smartly designed compact vanity and sink cabinet combo from D’Vontz fits neatly against walls with interesting architectural details. Choose glossy white for a clean modern edge or one of multiple wood finish stains. Match with rectangular undermount sink basin.

13. Silkroad Exclusive Ceramic Vessel Sink Vanity

Featuring smooth modern waves, the ceramic vessel sink topping this bath cabinet brings artistic flair, as the vanilla cream color furthers the spa or yacht-inspired vibe. Use a bold bath rug to highlight the curved sink profile.

14. Virtu USA Caroline 24-Inch White Single Modern Bathroom Vanity

The final small vanity on our dream list squeezes classic elegance into a 24-inch space thanks to inset panels, turned legs, and pretty hardware. Combining fresh white paint with a Carrara marble countertop keeps the Virtu USA Caroline vanity light and bright.

While tiny, none of these vanities scrimp on style! Hope they sparked some inspiration for your modest bathroom plans.

Small white bathroom with tub and shower combination, and floating brown vanity

Small Bathroom Vanity Color Considerations

Aside from dimensions when selecting a pint-sized vanity, color plays a pivotal role too in creating the look you love.

Neutrals like white, gray, and wood tones never fail in little lavatories, as they recede visually to feel light and airy. Crisp white-painted vanities keep spaces looking clean, fresh, and brighter, especially when bounced off shiny mirrors and tiles.

However, if your design leans colorful, don’t shy away from adding pools of gorgeous hues. Just take care not to overwhelm the senses. Think of the vanity as a jewelry anchor piece, pairing a colorful cabinet with neutral walls or vice-versa.

Vanities for a bathroom redo also allow you to layer metals and textures more easily than larger elements like wall tiles. A navy vanity might showcase gorgeous brass fixtures, while a wood cabinet can be coupled with concrete and satin nickel.

Some stunning but versatile vanity color combo ideas:

  • White vanity with black marble top
  • Gray-painted vanity with mirrored doors
  • Blue single vanity with gold trim pieces
  • Green vanity supporting concrete vessel sink
  • Wood cabinet with acid-etched brass sink

The options for small bath vanity designs are incredibly diverse today, so take risks with shades you adore!

Small bathroom with corner gray vanity

Corner Small Bathroom Vanities

What about maximizing every possible inch by looking up? Corner vanities explore vertical real estate to open floor space below.

While often associated with larger bathrooms, many companies now offer downsized corner vanity designs scaled to modest dimensions. These allow even tiny baths to take advantage of unused corner space.

Here are some of our favorite space-saving corner vanity collections:

Silkroad Exclusive Corner Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

With multiple style options under 2 feet wide like these artistic Silkroad designs, you can choose vessel sinks or undermount basins. Enjoy features like soft close doors, interior shelving, and medicine cabinets across single and double vanity corner configurations.

Wayfair Lee Corner Double Bathroom Vanity

This affordable corner double vanity base cabinet by Wayfair comes sized down to a workable 48″ wide, allowing his and her sinks even where square footage is tight. Open shelving provides handy storage.

Home Decorators Hartford Corner Double Vanity

Also 48″ wide, the functional Hartford corner double bath vanity from Home Decorators Collection maximizes storage with large single cabinet doors hiding shelving inside. Cooper sinks coordinate with cabinet hardware.

Creative corner vanity designs open up small bathrooms. By focusing on plumbing, sinks, and some storage vertically, precious floor space stays clear for walking paths with less congestion.

Small Bathroom Vanities: Style Inspiration

Beyond color and size, the wow factor comes from style details that make your new vanity shine. From materials to hardware choices, creative touches abound.

Modern Styles

Contemporary clean lines, often incorporating wall-mounted or floating vanities, contrast beautifully against organic tile textures or concrete basins. Consider:

  • Matte black metal vanities
  • Wood slab cabinetry
  • Fireclay rectangular sinks
  • Frameless mirrored cabinets

Rustic Farmhouse Styles

Channel pastoral charm with elements like:

  • Reclaimed natural wood vanities
  • Stone vessel sinks
  • Blackened bronze hardware
  • Woven baskets for storage

Transitional Traditional Styles

Blend modern minimalism with classic furniture accents like:

  • White painted vanities
  • Marble/quartz countertops
  • Mirrored medicine cabinets
  • Antiqued brass fixtures

Whatever small bathroom vanity styles move you, today’s selection ensures you discover your special piece even among pint-sized parameters.

Bathroom with floating dark brown vanity

Design Tips for Styling Your New Compact Vanity

Once you settle on the perfect petite vanity, finish the look by styling complementary decor touches. Some  of the small bath vanity decor pointers you can consider are:


Ensure ample illumination overhead through creative placement of wall sconces and downlighting. Undercabinet lighting also prevents shadows near sinks.


Consider large mirrors that expand perceived space, making the most of reflective surfaces to visually enlarge rooms. Frame with theatrical bulbs for added drama.


Hang oversized bold artwork is the bathroom’s focal point to draw the eye upwards, diverting attention from cramped quarters.

Pops of Color

Add colorful accent tiles or textiles in the shower, on the floor, or on the walls. Hand towels, rugs, and shower curtains offer inexpensive style punches pooling attractive hues.

Floating Shelves

Install floating ledges or wall-mounted shelves near or above vanities for opening up countertops down below. Use to store pretty perfume bottles and candles.

By featuring small vanities high on mode and function paired with smart decor placements maximizing cubic volume, even a modest bathroom feels special.

The Final Takeaway

In the past, modest baths meant sacrificing style for size when selecting vanities. Today it’s a different world, with options expanding every year. From sleek modern single vanities to scaled-down double-corner configurations, compact yet functional tiny vanities now overflow with possibilities.

The keys come down to planning, knowing measurements, and determining your personal  style. With creative small vanity solutions available in all different aesthetics and color palettes, it’s easier than ever to personalize even the most limited lavatory.