No matter what the size of your home- big or small, there are always reasons to incorporate a touch of luxury in your place, especially in your kitchen and bath. One of the rooms at home that you should spoil is your bathroom. A bathroom is where you start and end your day. Giving it a makeover using modern elements will help improve its functionality making the room more relaxing. 

There’s an array of small bathroom remodeling ideas you can incorporate to create a gorgeous and modern look. Scroll through to be inspired and transform your shower into something praiseworthy. 

Beautiful Monochromatic

One of the ways to redesign your shower is by changing the color scheme of the rest of your bathroom. Having the right color scheme can set the bar for the rest of your bathroom’s elements.  A classic yet modern bathroom style is a monochromatic white, gray, and black display. It offers both simplicity and elegance to the space. 

This color scheme allows you to add beautiful patterns, geometric tile layouts, and unique fixtures. This lends you the liberty to experiment with different design styles and accent colors in the future. You can always discuss this with your chose bathroom remodeling service

Forgo Shower Doors

This is one of the best shower remodeling ideas that will exude opulence in your bathroom. Completely removing your shower door will spawn a seamless entrance to your shower. Barrier-free showers have become more popular in modern-style bathrooms. 

Foregoing the standard shower doors in a larger shower area will make an impression of spa-like quality space. To complete a spa-like experience, add some seating, pebble-inset flooring, and an oversized shower head. An alternative option so you can separate the rest of your bathroom is utilizing floor-to-ceiling glass panels. 

Be Minimalistic

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Pursuing a simple, modern bathroom remodel means you have to think minimally. Choose sleek fixtures that are free of exaggerated adornment. Streamlined and strong horizontal lines or graphical design elements are an additional statement to your modern bathroom.  

A modern bathroom also features floating vanity, glass shower enclosure, freestanding bathtub, frameless mirrors, refined lighting, and minimalistic floating vanity.  If you want to save on shower remodeling costs, going minimalist is one good way. 

Think Modern

How else can you transform your bathroom into something modern? Well, you have to integrate modern technology into it. Here’s how: 

An ultimate addition of luxury and convenience is a heated shower floor. You need to make sure that you carefully waterproof your shower area before installing a heating cable to warm your shower floor. This is an energy-saving option, where it uses only about 300 watts less than an average space heater. 

You can also opt for a heated towel rail. These technologies can increase both style and functionality which will ultimately make your room feel like an ultra-modern space. If you’re thinking about remodeling your master bathroom, then it’s best to look for the top master bathroom remodel ideas for inspiration. 

Build-in Niches

Integrating a built-in niche for storage is a creative approach that can easily conceive a light and airy bathroom. This practical yet modern shower remodeling idea helps keep everything tidy. This will hold your soaps,  shampoos, conditioners, and loofah. Incorporate a recessed wall shelf for your towels and other toiletries rather than leaving them on the floor. 

Update your Lighting 

Lighting fixtures are one of the key features of a modern bathroom. This sets the mood in the place and accentuates the design of your room. 

A popular option is putting up a spotlight- this enables you to make certain focal points stand out from the rest of your bathroom. You may also incorporate a spotlight into a wall niche to give focus on specific art pieces. Further, consider using an illuminated mirror to provide a positive glow while you’re doing your bathroom routines.

For a wider bathroom space, you can get recessed lighting or use sconces. Light fixtures are an essential part of your bath remodeling ideas. 

Upgrade your hardware

The functionality of your shower depends on the hardware. If your shower and tub fixtures are old and scalding, now is the time for you to update them. If you don’t do that, it can affect your overall bathing experience. Below are some of the common shower fixtures you need to update:

  • Shower and tub faucet
  • Shower panel
  • Showerhead
  • Shower handle

There are many things to consider in updating them, and your experience is the best. Our team can help you decide what is the best route for this since we have the experience and technical skills to do it.

Go Neutral

A major trend concerning modern bathroom remodeling shower ideas is embracing neutral colors. This doesn’t mean to say that you should always pick something that is gray, beige, or off-white for a bathroom. The aim of an ultra-modern bath design is to create a fresh and clean feel. 

When selecting other design elements for your bathroom, make sure that the color should complement them. Most importantly, any additional accessories should not compete with them. 

Opt for Wall-mounted Furniture

If you have a compact shower space, going for wall-mount bathroom vanity and toilet would be best. We can create a new design and layout for your shower remodel that is space-saving. That includes storages built into the walls, open shelving, sliding glass shower doors, and many more. 

We are going to ensure that the new design of your shower is ergonomic and one that maximizes your space. 

Consider Curve Furnishings

Curved surfaces are one good aspect to have for your shower remodel. This is good since it creates a more spa-like ambiance that takes away the stress in you. Some of the things we can do about that are curved shower doors and the curved edge of your vanity top.

Having a dulled edge on most areas of your shower is also safe for children. Less risk of getting cuts for them and your seniors. The safety of the users must also be part of your planning for renovating your shower.

Add some texture

Glossy finish is one good trait to have for your contemporary shower remodel. But you also would want to have some textures there, right? This gives a natural warmth to your modern bathroom. That said, you can go for slate tiles on the walls of your walk-in shower. Pebble stone tiles for the shower floor is a good combination for this one.

As for other things, you can choose stained wood for your bathroom cabinets, or having a white shiplap bathroom wall. These kinds of updates help add texture to your shower remodel.

Free Design Consultation

Planning for your shower renovation is a fun and challenging path. You can search for different shower remodeling ideas pictures online for inspiration. But if you want a customized shower design, you can book an appointment with us.

Our in-house designers can help you get a personalized design and layout for your shower remodeling. Contact us today.

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