According to the Cost vs. Value Report for the Mid-Atlantic region 2023, a kitchen remodel in New Jersey could cost from $28,000 to $165,000 or more. It all depends on the changes you want to make, your chosen design, and other project specifics. You also need to understand that remodeling costs differ by region. Though New Jersey is relatively a small state, some regions of eastern and western New Jersey vary in price. So, the question is, is kitchen remodeling this year worth the investment? Let’s tackle that here!

Have you been planning for a kitchen remodel for a while now? However, are the benefits of kitchen remodeling in your New Jersey home outweigh the cost? Whether a remodel is the best choice for you depends on your judgment, and it has to be based on several factors such as aesthetic upgrades, increased property value, and of course, budget constraints.

Well, to answer your question if kitchen remodeling is a worthy investment to make in 2023, yes, it is! It can be a smart move for a homeowner like you, who’s looking for both personal enjoyment as well as potential financial gain. In this blog post, we’ll give you valuable insights regarding the 2023 kitchen remodeling cost specifics to New Jersey, while providing you tips on how to save money without any compromise.

Factors Influencing The Kitchen Remodeling Prices

  1. Material costs: Material selection is one of the most crucial factors that impact the total expenses when renovating your kitchen. The cabinets, countertops, flooring, and even appliances contribute to the final cost. High-quality materials range anywhere between $8,000 to $20,000. However, this is still based on the size, functionality, and aesthetics it offers. On the other hand, quartz countertops cost around $75 per square foot, and natural stones such as granite would cost around $100 per square foot. It’s always important to do your research by comparing quality and branded products, so as their realistic estimation. It’s also the same when you’re getting new appliances for your new kitchen. Keep an eye on the features, reviews, warranties, and the energy-efficient rating.

  1. Labor Costs: One of the most significant aspects that influence the cost of kitchen remodeling in New Jersey is the labor costs. This includes hiring contractors, and skilled tradespeople, and also getting permits and inspections. When hiring a remodeling contractor, you should always look for referrals or some online listings. Make sure you get quotations and that they lead to comparative analysis that ensures they match your allocated budget for the project. Now, the general contractors may charge you around 20% to 25% total of the project cost, but there’s still an option for you to do “Do It Yourself”. However, this may not be applicable for specialized tasks such as electrical work, plumbing, and the like. Contacting helpful resource-finding services, such as HomeAdvisor could provide accurate pricing information in New Jersey. This may include the permit fees needed for local zoning compliance.

  2. Design Choices: What makes kitchen remodeling costs go higher is the design decisions related to aesthetics. Choosing a layout that already exists in your kitchen will trim down the expenditure. However, if you want a full-blown reconfiguration, then this would need demolition, rebuilding of walls, and other changes and this will surely add to the cost. When it comes to style, every homeowner has their own preference.

Average Cost Breakdown

In 2023, according to the recent research findings specific to New Jersey, the average cost of a mid-range kitchen remodel would start from $40,000 depending on certain factors like the ones mentioned above. For you to understand the cost further, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Cabinets- this makes the largest cut in terms of expense during a kitchen remodel. The cabinetry could account for about 25% to 30% of the cost.

  2. Countertops- keep in mind, the material you choose for your countertop can significantly impact the price. You can choose from quartz and granite, either way, countertops account for around 10% to 15%.

  3. Flooring- an average flooring would usually cost around 5% to 7%.

  4. Appliances- if you’re happy with the appliances you already have, this could help you save up money, but new appliances are additional expenses that could cut a significant chunk of your budget.

  5. Labor Cost- the labor cost would comprise approximately 20%.

  6. Design Upgrades- these upgrades include the backsplash tiles installation, changes in layout, and adding variations of making slight differences in your kitchen.

Cost Variation By Location Within New Jersey

Kitchen remodeling comes at a financial cost, but there are ways that can help you achieve a high-quality kitchen while keeping it on a budget.

  1. Make sure you set a realistic budget first. Be honest with what you’re willing and able to spend, while still leaving some room for surprises as soon as the construction starts.

  2. Focus on essential upgrades that will have an immediate impact instead of going to a full-scale renovation.

  3. Make sure that you also compare the quotes from different contractors. Make sure you find and compare multiple quotes in order to find the best deal.

DIY Vs. Professional Help

For small renovations or just some cosmetic upgrades like painting, doing it yourself could help you save some money. However, make sure you exactly know what to do before pushing through. DIY could help you save, but it could also be another expense to worry about if you fail.

Return On Investment

A well-executed kitchen remodel has the potential to recoup some portion of your expenses. Some upgrades offer a higher return on investment. So, when you’re going for a remodel, it should be something that speaks to quality and functionality. In New Jersey, popular upgrades with high returns include new cabinetry, bathroom fixtures, as well as new appliances and hardware. It’s always essential to keep prospective buyers in mind, since over-improvement could negatively impact the selling price in the future.

Watch Out For Hidden Costs

During the renovation, unforeseen issues are pretty much common. This could be issues with the permit requirement, inspection fees, club costs, etc. Make sure that you allocate a budget for surprise hiccups, so your plans won’t be disrupted too much.


Kitchen remodeling in New Jersey in 2023 can be an exciting endeavor, but it’s important to enter this process with realistic expectations. Make sure you’re financially prepared and get a highly efficient worker. You need to be aware of all factors influencing the cost to help you eliminate potential surprises along the way.