The bathroom vanity is often the centerpiece of any bathroom’s design aesthetic. In 2024, we’re seeing innovative new twists on classic vanity styles that can take your bathroom design from drab to fab. From unique materials to creative storage solutions, there are lots of on-trend options to give your bathroom a stylish facelift. Before hiring a kitchen and bath contractor, read on for the most popular vanity styles that will be gracing luxurious bathrooms this coming year.

Elegant bathroom with floating white vanity, shower, and toilet

1. Floating Bathroom Vanities

Floating vanities are bathroom vanity styles that seem to “float” above the ground for a lightweight, airy aesthetic. This hot trend removes bulky base cabinets so plumbing fixtures and pipes are hidden within the wall instead. The result is a clean, modern look perfect for contemporary bathrooms.

Key Features

  • Wall-mounted design with no base cabinets
  • Light and airy aesthetic
  • Conceals plumbing fixtures
  • Pairs well with vessel sinks

Floating single vanities allow you to maximize space while floating double sink vanities make a real style statement. Glass, metal, and wood are all popular floating vanity materials to complement any décor. When spec’ing your floating vanity, carefully measure your bathroom and account for your desired vessel sink basin size. Getting those perfect proportions is key for a pulled-together style.

According to HGTV’s design experts, floating vanities are a great choice for small bathrooms. Removing bulky cabinets creates the illusion of more space, while still providing ample storage solutions.

2. Vessel Bathroom Sinks

Vessel sinks have been popular for years, but we’re now seeing unique new shapes, colors, and materials take this vanity style trend to the next level. Vessel sinks are elegantly curved sinks that sit atop bathroom vanities, rather than recess into countertops. Their unique bowl shapes make an eye-catching focal point, especially when made from luxurious materials like glass, stone, or metal.

Best Materials for Vessel Sinks

  • Glass vessel sinks add gorgeous translucency and visual depth. Popular colors include cobalt blue, emerald green, and clear glass.
  • Stone vessel sinks bring an earthy, organic aesthetic. Marble and granite sinks have timeless allure.
  • Metallic vessel sinks in matte black, brass, or copper make a seriously chic style statement.

When pairing vessel sinks with bathroom vanities, be sure to select bathroom cabinets specifically designed for vessel sink basins. Their counter height and construction provide proper alignment.

Double-sink vanity with toilet, and shower

3. Modern Double Sink Bathroom Vanities

Why share when you can have your sink? Double sink bathroom vanities are still riding high for providing his and hers (or his and his or hers and hers) grooming and prep stations within a shared main bathroom. As life gets busier, having two sinks allows for more efficient morning routines and added privacy.

Elle Decor endorses the continued popularity of double vanities in 2024, as their two sinks improve organization and efficiency for busy households. They recommend allowing at least 60 inches for his and her stations.

Stylish Touches for Double Sink Vanities

  • Mismatched sinks provide visual interest with sinks of different shapes and materials at each station. For example, try a rectangular ceramic sink on one side and a rounded glass vessel sink on the other.
  • Recessed lighting under upper cabinets flanking the two sinks adds stylish illumination for tasks like applying makeup.
  • Open shelving rather than lower cabinets creates an airier look with easy access to toiletries and grooming appliances. For a luxe look, display beautiful baskets or trays to corral items.

When designing your double sink vanity, be sure to measure the available space carefully to allow proper clearance around both sinks. This ensures you and your cohabitant can comfortably share the space.

4. Corner Bathroom Vanity Styles

Corner vanities smartly utilize tricky narrow bathroom spaces that typically end up underused. Now, you can neatly tuck storage, sinks, and plumbing into an oft-overlooked corner. Corner vanities come in many styles to match any décor.

Corner Vanity Variations

  • Angled corner vanities maximally use space with sinks and storage cabinets set at 45-degree angles into a corner.
  • Curved corner vanities soften the corner with gentle arcs and oval or round sinks.
  • Legroom-friendly corner vanities have shortened cabinets with extended countertops that allow bathroom users to easily slip their legs underneath. This also keeps floor spaces clear.

When choosing a corner vanity, look for smart storage options like lazy susans in lower cabinets along with pull-out shelves that improve access. Doors and drawers that open on soft-close hinges also prevent noisy slamming. Just be wary of overly deep corner vanities that end up blocking floor space. Leave ample legroom to pass by an open vanity door.

Unique floating vanity in blue color

5. Bathroom Vanities with Unique Finishes

Bathroom vanity styles no longer have to look like your grandmother’s old furniture. Creative new materials, colors, and finishing techniques give modern vanities an artistic edge. Here are some of the unique vanity finishes gaining major style points in 2024:

On-Trend Vanity Finishes

  • Terrazzo cast within quartz vanity tops creates artsy stone-like designs.
  • Matte black hardware provides contemporary contrast against lighter vanity colors and materials.
  • Furniture-inspired detailing, like exposed wood frames, tapered legs, and woven drawer fronts gives warmth.
  • Two-tone finishes like glossy cabinets topped with matte counters feel fresh and modern.
  • Wallpapered vanities let you incorporate colorful prints or patterns.

Don’t overlook the power of hardware and fixtures alongside pleasing vanity hues. Matte black, bronze, brushed nickel, and antique brass handles and knobs make any vanity feel more bespoke and interesting.

When selecting finishes, make sure surfaces can withstand moisture and heavy bathroom use. Quartz, solid surfaced, and treated wood materials hold up better than raw plywood or MDF.

6. Modern Takes on Shaker-Style Vanities

The clean, uncomplicated look of Shaker-style furniture will maintain widespread appeal in 2024. This versatile design marked by flat recessed door and drawer fronts provides a neutral starting point to build out any bathroom’s style.

Customized Shaker Vanity Ideas

  • For a contemporary edge, pair muted Shaker cabinetry with bold black metal frames or legs.
  • Choose two contrasting finishes, like glossy paint on top and weathered wood drawer fronts below.
  • Opt for chunky Shaker styling with extra-thick drawer fronts and oversized knobs.
  • Add open shelving above or beside the sink base for a pretty display space.

While classic Shaker elements like rail frames and minimal ornamentation still look great, don’t be afraid to bring in contrasting textures, colors, or materials to keep it feeling fresh. The simplicity of Shaker makes it perfect for mixing and matching. No matter what design details you add, always check that the vanity is water-resistant and made to withstand bathroom humidity. Solid hardwood or plywood construction ensures your customized Shaker vanity ages gracefully.

Elegant bathroom with gray shaker vanity, tub, and a shower

7. Creative New Takes on Free-Standing Vanities

Free-standing vanities impart a furniture-like feel in bathrooms, it’s one of the best bathroom remodeling ideas that provide an attractive central focal point. In 2024, we’re moving beyond basic free-standing cabinets to innovations:

Fresh Free-Standing Vanity Ideas

  • Two-sided vanities double the storage and allow for access from two sides.
  • Cantilevered vanities seem to float in space thanks to hidden supports magically.
  • Rotating vanities spin a full 360 degrees for easy access from anywhere.
  • Bench seating vanities allow perching at a pull-out seat flanking the sink cabinet.

When planning for a free-standing vanity, carefully measure your floor space to ensure enough clearance is left for bathroom circulation and doors. Carefully selecting basin size and depth ensures knee and leg room remain comfortable when seated at the vanity.

Make a Statement with Colorful Vanities

White and neutral-toned vanities have dominated bathrooms for years. But in 2024, colorful vanity styles let you make a vibrant splash. From sage green to coral pink, bold vanity colors celebrate self-expression.

Vivid matte and glossy lacquered finishes in citrine yellow, rich navy or terra-cotta inject excitement compared to boring almond and biscuit tones. Playful ombre paint techniques that fade between contrasts like sky blue to peachy orange also thrill. Match your vanity hue to accent tiles, artwork, or towels for a pulled-together palette.

Just ensure the vanity material and color finish properly protect against bathroom moisture and daily wear and tear. Vibrant style is wonderful, but durability remains vital.

Spacious bathroom with white vanities

Clever Storage Solutions Streamline Clutter

Let’s face it – bathrooms attract tons of toiletries and tools that easily clutter sinks and counters. Vanities that incorporate clever storage solutions help organize bathroom items for orderliness.

Pull-out height-adjustable shelving, trays, and customizable drawer inserts accommodate all sizes of grooming gadgets. Features like built-in towel rods, special niches for appliances, and slide-out makeup mirrors also tidy up routine bathroom chaos.

Visit cabinet showrooms to test features like touch-latch drawers that open at the push of a finger. Soft-close hinges prevent noisy slamming accidents. Thoughtful inner storage translates to Zen-like outer Zen.

Tailored Makeup Vanities Magnify Beauty Routines

Why hunch over cramped sinks applying makeup? Tailored makeup vanity stations provide properly angled surface heights, ample workspace, and great visibility for beauty routines.

Ideally, 36 to 40 inches tall, well-designed makeup vanities allow you to sit comfortably. Tri-fold mirrors, magnifying mirrors, and custom lighting make inspecting every facial detail simple. Glass or acrylic organizer trays corral cosmetics in clear view. Drawers house brushes, palettes, and other styling tools within quick reach.

Built-in outlets allow plugging in hot styling tools. Some luxury makeup vanities even feature integrated hair dryers, mini-fridges for skin products, and warming drawers for towels. Primping perfection!

Curbless Showers Expand Bathroom Horizons

Once confined just to showers, curbless designs now extend to tubs and bathroom floors for seamless access. Open curbless spaces allow easier mobility for those with physical limitations or using wheelchairs.

Curbless master bathrooms also impart a sleek modern Edge. Eliminating the curb around shower areas makes the space appear more expansive. Strategic linear drain placement prevents water overflow. This cleaner, more accessible approach fits universal design principles that focus on ease of use for everyone.


What are some of the biggest bathroom vanity trends for 2024?

Some popular vanity styles for 2024 include floating vanities, unique vessel sinks, mixed material combinations like wood + stone, Shaker cabinets, corner vanities, double sink vanities, free-standing furniture-style vanities, concrete, and eco-friendly materials.

What makes a floating vanity different?

Floating vanities mount directly to the wall, eliminating bulky base cabinets. This creates a light, airy look with the sink seeming to “float.” Floating vanity styles open up floor space below and highlight cool materials like metal or colored glass.

Are vessel sinks still stylish?

Vessel sinks remain on-trend for their sculptural shapes that sit atop vanity counters like decorative bowls. Vessels come in stunning materials like natural stone, glass, hammered metal, polished stone, or carved ceramic. Their artistic forms make them true statement pieces.

What is special about Shaker vanities?

Marked by flat, recessed panel doors and drawers, Shaker-style vanities have an elementary design that lets wood or other materials’ natural grain patterns and textures shine. Versatile Shaker vanities work in traditional to contemporary bathrooms.

How do corner vanity units differ?

Corner vanities are designed to neatly fit into empty corner spaces that usually go unused. This saves space efficiently. Corner vanities come in L-shaped or diagonal configurations to tailor to room dimensions. Some even feature double sinks.

When are double-sink vanities practical?

Double sink vanities provide his and hers sinks for busy family bathrooms or master suites. The two grooming stations allow couples to multi-task. Some contemporary styles feature mismatched sinks and faucets for eclectic individuality.

What’s nice about free-standing vanities?

Free-standing vanities have striking furniture silhouettes with detailed legs supporting counter slabs and sinks. They bring artistic presence versus built-in vanities. Free-standing styles work especially well with wall-mounted faucets and vessel basin combos.

In Summary

So get ready to give your bathroom a serious style upgrade in 2024 with these on-trend vanities! Their good looks provide daily inspiration to take a little more time pampering yourself in the comfort of your own home. With so many options, you can achieve nearly any aesthetic from modern to traditional. Just envision how you want your luxurious bathroom sanctuary to look and feel, then select the perfect vanity accents to match. Be sure to partner with a knowledgeable cabinet designer to construct your dream vanities tailored exactly for your unique space. Then get ready to soak in compliments every time a guest enters your new high-style bathroom!