Who doesn’t love hanging out in their backyard on a nice day? But if your outdoor space lacks a fully-equipped kitchen, you’re kinda limited on what you can do out there. Running inside anytime you need a new drink or a knife just ruins the vibe. No need to settle for a bummer setup! Adding an outdoor kitchen can seriously upgrade your space for cooking, chilling, and entertaining. The secret is quality outdoor kitchen cabinets. No more hassling with the indoor kitchen all day.

Ready to take your outdoor hangs to the next level? Before hiring a kitchen and bath contractor, keep reading to learn how to create your dream outdoor cooking oasis using custom cabinetry made for your space. Get ready to have way more fun in your yard!

What are Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets?

An outdoor kitchen allows you to cook, dine, and entertain in the beauty of nature right outside your home. But to truly realize this vision, specialized storage is a must. That’s where outdoor kitchen cabinets come in.

These units give homeowners secure, easily accessible storage for all cooking and dining necessities in their outdoor space. As BobVila reports, outdoor cabinets are uniquely constructed to withstand the elements including sun, rain, humidity, and temperature swings. While bringing indoor kitchen organization outdoors, they are specially engineered to last a lifetime outside.

Luxury, Elegant outdoor kitchen design

Envision Your Ideal Outdoor Space

The first step to outdoor kitchen success is planning and envisioning how you’ll use the space. Ask yourself:

  • How often will you utilize your outdoor kitchen? Daily, weekly, or only for special get-togethers?
  • What types of food and drinks will you prepare outside? Grilling meats, chilling appetizers, mixing cocktails?
  • How much storage and prep space do you need? Will you need a cabinet and counter space for storing dishes, glassware, and utensils?
  • What style or look do you want to achieve? Modern, rustic, contemporary?

Once you know how you’ll use your outdoor kitchen, it’s time to choose cabinets and appliances that suit your lifestyle, tastes, and budget.

Choose Durable, Weather-Resistant Outdoor Cabinetry

You’ll need cabinetry made specifically for luxury outdoor kitchens to use to withstand sun, rain, bugs, and temperature fluctuations. Here are some ideal outdoor kitchen cabinet materials:

  • Stainless steel is sleek, stylish, and resistant to moisture, mold, and UV rays. Easy to clean too!
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) holds up to weather and insects thanks to thick, non-porous material.
  • Powder coating offers a durable, scratch-resistant exterior. Choose custom colors.
  • Teak wood is water-resistant while bringing warmth. Requires periodic sealing.

Look for cabinets rated for outdoor use with features like rust-resistant hardware, drainage, ventilation, and adjustable leveling legs or casters. Durability is key!


When shopping for outdoor kitchen cabinets, the brand makes a difference. These top brands offer exceptional quality, durability, and style:

1. Lynx

Lynx is known for premium residential grills but also manufactures stainless steel outdoor cabinets. According to Lynx, their cabinets provide seamless integration from the indoor kitchen to the outdoor living space. They offer custom colors and configurations.

2. Denver

Danver Stainless Steel provides stainless steel and powder coat steel outdoor cabinets highly rated for durability. According to Home Depot, Denver cabinets are rust-resistant and built to last a lifetime.

3. Element Designs

This company focuses on craftsmanship and attention to detail in their outdoor kitchen appliances and cabinets. Based on Element Designs’ website, they use marine-grade stainless steel and precision welding for maximum quality.

4. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

Brown Jordan is a high-end designer of luxury outdoor kitchen cabinetry made from marine-grade stainless steel. According to Houzz, their cabinets are completely customizable with various drawer configurations.

5. Outdoor Innovations

Known for its sleek contemporary style, Outdoor Innovations manufactures stainless steel and powder-coated aluminum cabinetry.

When selecting outdoor kitchen cabinetry, choose reputable brands engineered for longevity in outdoor spaces. High-quality materials and construction will provide lasting performance.

Design a Layout That Enhances Your Outdoor Flow

Think through how you’ll utilize your outdoor space. Position your various outdoor grill tops, cabinets, and serving/dining areas in a functional layout that facilitates cooking, conversation, and ease of serving. Keep safety in mind too!

Some outdoor kitchen remodeling ideas:


A U-shaped outdoor kitchen layout provides abundant counter space and storage by placing cabinets and appliances on three sides of the cooking area. The U-shape is great for larger outdoor kitchens as it allows for multiple cooks with easy access. This wraparound design works well positioned against an exterior house wall.


An L-shaped outdoor kitchen layout utilizes cabinetry and appliances on two adjoining sides. One benefit of an L-shape is the ability to take advantage of existing architectural or landscaping features on other sides. This versatile layout can fit well in a corner area.


A lean-to outdoor kitchen connects directly to a home’s exterior wall or is built against another existing structure. According to Better Homes & Gardens, this simple layout option minimizes the square footage needed by placing the outdoor kitchen right off the side of the home. Effective for smaller outdoor living areas.


An island layout creates an open-concept outdoor kitchen, with cabinetry and appliances fully surrounded by walkways. This flow allows for traffic to move fluidly around the cooking area. Islands promote interaction and are ideal for entertaining. Require significant outdoor space.

Measure your patio or deck space carefully to scale your layout. Allow ample room for walking, seating areas, the grill, and landscaping if desired.

Include Essential Appliances and Accessories

After your cabinetry, incorporate top essentials like:

  • Grill: The centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen. Select your fuel source and size.
  • Refrigerator or beverage cooler: Keeps food chilled and drinks icy cold.
  • Side burner/range top: Opens up sautéing and cooking options beyond the grill.
  • Sink: For washing, food prep, and clean-up convenience.
  • Serving counters: Provide additional space for plating dishes or setting up buffets.
  • Trash and recycling bins: Discreetly tuck away messes.
  • Hooks: For hanging grilling tools and oven mitts neatly.

Don’t forget accent features like lighting, planters, and artwork to finish the beauty of your design.

Work With an Outdoor Kitchen Company for One-Stop Simplicity

The easiest route for creating your dream outdoor cooking oasis? Work with an outdoor kitchen remodeling expert and retailer.

  • Custom cabinet design to match your precise space and needs
  • 3D layout renderings to visualize the final look
  • High-quality cabinetry made for outdoor longevity
  • Coordination of all appliances, fixtures, counters, and installation
  • Convenient one-stop shopping for grill cabinets, drawers, burners, vent hoods, doors, and accessories

Leaning on an experienced designer simplifies the project and process while giving you a space customized for how you’ll use it.

Elegant outdoor kitchen style with beige paint

Expect Total Home Integration for Maximum Enjoyment

Truly exceptional outdoor kitchens feel like a seamless extension of your indoor living space. Work with your designer to:

  • Match cabinetry interior colors to your indoor kitchen’s interior hues
  • Select countertop materials that complement indoor counters
  • Incorporate lighting and music from interior systems outside
  • Repeat stylistic elements like hardware finishes for cohesion

Blending your life indoors and outdoors creates a harmonious living space your family and guests will find irresistible.


What countertop materials work best for outdoor kitchens?

Select an outdoor-friendly countertop able to withstand weathering and wear. Materials like granite, engineered quartz, concrete, and tile make durable, water-resistant countertop options ideal for outdoor kitchens. Consider heat-resistant surfaces if installed near your grill.

Should I hire a professional to install my outdoor kitchen?

Completely DIYing an outdoor kitchen build requires carpentry, electrical, and plumbing skills. As Houzz recommends, hiring a professional installer experienced with outdoor kitchens can ensure your project is properly leveled, wired, plumbed, ventilated, and finished. Consider pros for at least the foundational work.

Can I enjoy my outdoor kitchen year-round?

With the right planning, your outdoor kitchen can expand your living space seasonally. A vent hood, propane appliances, and wind barriers allow cooking outside even in colder weather. Use portable patio heaters to extend family time outdoors. You can get more life from your outdoor investment with proper cold-weather prep.

Outdoor kitchen with white shaker cabinets


Elevating your outdoor area from a basic patio to a luxury entertaining oasis is possible with the right outdoor kitchen cabinetry and appliances. Work on how you plan to utilize the space. Choose durable, weather-resistant materials suited for outdoor wear and tear.

Maximize enjoyment by integrating the custom design of your outdoor kitchen into your whole home experience. With custom outdoor cabinets as your foundation, you can create your family’s dream outdoor living paradise.