When starting a kitchen renovation, it’s key to consider how you cook and live in the space. An efficient, clutter-free kitchen design truly makes life easier.

It all comes down to having abundant prep room, storage, and seamless appliance access. A place for everything means no more wasted time rummaging for tools.

The right gadgets can work magic, maximizing every inch while streamlining cooking tasks. From clever pull-outs to specialized appliances, solutions abound.

Let’s explore some can’t-miss picks to incorporate into your new dream kitchen.

Elegant kitchen with white cabinets, black countertop, and counter space appliances

Counter Space Appliances

Your countertops are prime real estate, so choose appliances selectively. Here are the top options for your prep surfaces:

Drip Coffee Maker

Coffee devotees will appreciate a drip-maker for fresh, customized brews. Models with insulated carafes keep pots piping hot for hours.

Heavy Stand Mixer

Serious bakers need a sturdy stand mixer, at least 5 quarts, with attachments to whip, knead, and stir effortlessly.

Espresso Machine

For latte-style indulgence at home, an espresso machine with a milk frother creates café classics. Or go pro with a manual espresso machine.

Food Processor

A versatile food processor, with multiple discs and an extra-wide chute, chops, shreds, mixes, and more in a flash.

Top view in kitchen with open drawers

Storage Solutions

You simply can’t have too much storage in a kitchen. Get creative, maximizing every nook and cranny with smart innovations:

Pull-Out Cabinet Shelves

Pull-out shelves cleanly organize corner cabinets, spinning contents within easy reach.

Appliance Garage

An appliance garage neatly tucks small appliances out of sight when not in use, freeing up counters.

Pots and Pan Drawers

Designate drawers just for pots and pans – no more clanging piles. Lower ones for big pots, uppers for lids.

Cutting Board Drawer

Cutting boards get their own home in a vertical drawer for damage-free storage and quick access.

Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan transforms a corner cabinet into easy 360 access. Perfect for spices and small jars.

Tip: When installing, make sure the lazy Susan turntable clears shelves and interior cabinet surfaces smoothly as it rotates. Corner cabinets with a diagonal quadrant shape maximize lazy Susan’s functionality. You can find wooden and metal lazy Susan options matching your kitchen’s style.

Utensil Dividers

In-drawer dividers keep utensils tidy, with expandable options to customize sections.

Elegant white kitchen with built-in appliances

Built-In Appliances

When it comes to kitchen and bath remodeling, integrated appliances deliver seamless function without hogging counter space:

Steam Oven

A steam oven combines moist heat cooking and conventional baking in one unit. Great for vegetables and reheating.

Wall Oven

Stack double-wall ovens to maximize capacity without expanding your footprint.

Warming Drawer

A warming drawer keeps cooked food ready for serving while freeing up oven space.

Beverage Refrigerator

Install an under-counter beverage fridge to store drinks at arm’s reach. Keep water, juice, and soda chilled without crowding your main fridge.

Butler’s Pantry

A butler’s pantry tucked between the kitchen and dining room is great for staging meals. Stock it with a warming drawer, mini fridge, extra storage, and more.

Modern kitchen style with white cabinets, and black countertop

Kitchen Island Ideas

One of the best ideas for kitchen remodeling is you can use is a kitchen island. A kitchen island expands your prep space, storage, and seating. Trick it out with these smart add-ons:

Pot Filler

A pot filler faucet mounts right over your range or cooktop, so you can easily fill large pots with water. No more lugging a heavy pot across the kitchen.

Built-In Sink

Add a second prep sink to your island for cleaning produce and other tasks. Pick a smaller size that complements your main sink.

Seating Space

Incorporate seating space into your island design. Stools tucked under an overhang create a casual eating nook.

Storage Drawers

Maximize storage with large pull-out drawers built into the base of the island, sized perfectly for cookware, utensils, linens, and more.

Cutting Board Built-In

A built-in butcher block cutting board at the end of your island makes food prep a breeze. After use, simply slide it back into place.


Built-in outlets in your island allow you to easily plug in a stand mixer, blender, or other appliances without sacrificing precious counter space.

Spice Racks

Built-in spice racks keep spices organized and within reach while cooking. Opt for angled designs that let you easily read jar labels.

Elegant farmhouse kitchen style with white and brown theme

Kitchen Remodel Project Upgrades

HD Supply Solutions Kitchen Planning Guide covers how to design and remodel a kitchen from start to finish.

Take your cabinetry to the next level with designer details:

Glass Front Cabinets

Glass front wall cabinets allow you to display your beautiful dishware while keeping it dust-free. Great over a kitchen sink.

Interior Cabinet Lighting

LED strip lighting inside cabinets illuminates interiors as soon as you open the door. Perfect for highlighting your prized dinnerware.

Deep Upper Cabinets

Extra deep upper cabinets provide abundant storage space for oversized items like stand mixers, cookie sheets, and more.

Drawers Galore

Maximize storage in base cabinets by replacing some doors with drawers. Opt for large deep drawers to hold pots and pans.

Appliance Lift

An appliance lift mechanically raises a stand mixer or food processor into your counter for use, then lowers it back into the cabinet. A great space saver.

Waist-Level Storage Cabinet

A waist-level cabinet in an unused area of counter space provides a convenient landing spot between cooking projects.

Kitchen Organization Tools

Little touches make cooking and food prep work seamless:

Tiered Drawer Organizers

Tiered cutlery trays, utensil holders, and spice organizers make drawer contents easy to see at a glance. Say goodbye to drawer chaos!

Pan Organizer Rack

Get pans up off cabinets and cleanly stacked with a vertical pan organizer rack and lids of all sizes.

Kitchen Shelf Dividers

Shelf dividers optimize cabinet space by letting you customize sizing to fit different items. Great for plates, bowls, dishes, food storage containers, and more.

Paper Towel Holder

A built-in paper towel holder near cooking surfaces keeps towels handy for spills, drips, and quick cleanups.

Extendable Drying Rack

An extendable drying rack doubles your drying space and then tucks neatly out of sight. Let large pans, and colanders dry thoroughly.

Under Sink Pull-Out

Make the most of the awkward under-sink space with pull-out trays and organizers for cleaning supplies. Install a separate tray for garbage bags and recyclables.

Consumer Reports guides cabinet under a sink and organizational best practices.

High-Efficiency Appliances

Upgrading pays dividends through energy, water, and cost savings:

Convection Ovens

Convection ovens circulate hot air for fast, even baking. Many models offer both convection and conventional modes.

Double Oven Ranges

Double oven ranges provide extra capacity. Use the smaller oven for quick weeknight meals and save energy.

Induction Cooktops

Induction directly heats pans through magnetic induction, not hot burners. This allows instant temperature adjustments.

Full-Size Dishwashers

A full-size dishwasher fits large pots while using less water than handwashing. Look for Energy Star-rated models.

French Door Fridges

French door fridges make contents accessible without losing cold air. Quality insulation also cuts energy costs.

Hot Water Dispensers

Instant hot water dispensers eliminate the need for energy-wasting electric kettles. Get piping hot water for coffee, tea, and more on demand.

Kitchen Remodel Must-Haves

Kitchen essentials that make cooking a pleasure:

  • Sharp chef’s knives, the kitchen workhorse.
  • Durable cutting boards that protect counters.
  • Colanders for rinsing produce.
  • Rimmed baking sheets for roasting and cookies.
  • Complete cookware for all cooking tasks.
  • Storage containers and bags.
  • Stylish kitchen linens like dish towels.

Select durable, quality accessories that make meal preparation more efficient and pleasurable. Equip your cook space with tools and gadgets you know you’ll use frequently. With a thoughtfully stocked kitchen, you’ll have the fundamentals to cook and bake with ease, whether whipping up family dinners or baking up a storm.

Final Thoughts

With the right kitchen gadgets, appliances, organizational tools, and built-in accessories, you can transform cooking and meal prep into a joyful experience.

As you remodel your kitchen, keep the focus on maximizing storage space, ease of access, and efficiency in your workflow. Shop wisely for appliances tailored to your household’s needs and conveniences to make your life easier.

Approach the process thoughtfully and with purpose. Remember, a kitchen remodel is a long-term investment in your home and lifestyle. With prudent planning and smart design choices, you can create a dream kitchen that suits your needs beautifully for years to come. Soon your redesigned cook space will provide lasting function and inspiration.