Kitchen, the heart of your home, is one of the busiest areas of the house. It’s also where storage is a key component of its functionality. If the time comes you need to renovate your kitchen, don’t forget to upgrade your kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet remodeling is the most expensive part of kitchen remodel. It takes up a huge space since you need to have proper storage for all items in your kitchen. Today, we’re excited to share with you our amazing kitchen cabinet ideas that would make you want to renovate yours.

Stained Wooden Cabinets

There’s nothing cozier to look at than dark stained cabinets. It may seem to represent an antique vibe, yet can make customizations to bring them to the 21st century. For instance, upgrading cabinet hardware is one good choice. We can install chrome or brass finish bar pulls or knobs for your dark brown cabinets.

Also, these cabinet styles marry well with white quartz or marble countertops. There’s an elegant contrast between dark cabinets and light-tone stone surfaces. You can make the most out of this dynamic duo.

Our in-house designers can help customize your dark kitchen cabinet ideas. This is good in adding natural warmth to your new kitchen.

Slab-door Cabinets with no Handles

In most contemporary kitchens, you’d see slab-door cabinets dominating the space. It has a sleek modern appearance that makes your kitchen look cleaner and more spacious. Cleanliness is a dominant trait in contemporary and transitional kitchens.

You can choose dark or light colors for kitchen cabinet storage ideas. This blends well with modern kitchen appliances. Neutral paint colors for your walls and ceilings would marry well with your slab cabinets without handles.

Combining Stained and Painted Cabinets

You’d be amazed at the beauty of combining stained and painted cabinets. Both have their respective traits, and putting them together on a single kitchen remodel can make a huge difference. It’s like seeing two worlds combining harmoniously to bring out elegance in your space.

You can have painted cabinets on the walls while stained cabinets for your kitchen island. As for your wall-mount cabinets, have it painted to be in harmony with the base cabinets. The outcome of this combination is impressive. If you look into the walls, you’ll feel the sleek modern vibe of your kitchen. If you look at the stained cabinets of your kitchen island, you’ll remember the nostalgia of an old farmhouse home. 

Grey Kitchen Cabinets and Accessories

When it comes to kitchen cabinet remodeling ideas, you can never be wrong from choosing grey cabinets. This palette is ideal for sleek modern kitchens, and there are many ways to accentuate your grey cabinets to add warmth and excitement to it.

What colors work well with grey?

Warm colors like brown, orange, emerald green, and brass marry with grey kitchen cabinets. That’s the reason why hardwood floors work best with grey shaker cabinets. There’s a balance between the coolness of grey and the subtle warmth of hardwood. 

What wall color matches with grey cabinets?

The classic wall paint to match with grey cabinets are white, beige, and cream. It also depends on the shade of grey used for your kitchen cabinets. If you go for a darker shade, then wall color must be lighter to have a wonderful contrasting effect.

What accessories marry well with grey kitchen cabinets?

Here are ten accessories for you to choose from that work well with grey cabinets:

  1. A tint of pink on your backsplash tile.
  2. Stone countertop with pigments of blue.
  3. White or cream stone surfaces.
  4. Sage green tiles on backsplash or kitchen walls.
  5. Matte black cabinet hardware
  6. Dark colored granite countertop paired with light grey cabinets
  7. Navy blue kitchen island and light grey base cabinets
  8. Stainless steel, brass, or bronze finish accessories
  9. Contrasting grey accessories
  10. Stained wood

Cream Kitchen Cabinets with Patterns

Cream kitchen cabinets is a versatile choice for your modern kitchen. But it works well when you have patterns on your cream cabinets. It adds an accent that makes it a focal point of your kitchen remodel. Below are some ways you can use patterns to accentuate your cream kitchen cabinets:

  • White shiplap walls
  • Geometric patterns on your kitchen flooring
  • Area rugs
  • Farmhouse sink and brass-finish cartridge faucet
  • Stained wood open shelving mounted on the wall
  • Granite countertops
  • White subway tiles for your backsplash
  • Add ornamental plants on top of your kitchen countertop to bring natural beauty and warmth
  • Antique-looking hanging pendant lights
  • Stained wood flooring
  • Crown molding on your wall-mount cream cabinets

These are some of the best kitchen cabinet layout ideas we’ve done for our clients. We can customize the design of your cabinets by matching it up with your current kitchen layout.

Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black is a versatile color that can be used for modern and classic kitchens. We can help you choose the right finish to match your personality. Below are some ideas we like to share with your for your black kitchen.

Black Shaker Cabinets

This is one of the beloved cabinet styles of our customers. That’s because of the elegance and versatility of black shaker cabinets. It marries with your white marble or quartz countertops. White or cream walls work well with black shaker cabinets as well.

Black Raised Panel Cabinets

This is good choice for classic kitchen remodels. You can find raised panel cabinets as one of the in demand kitchen cabinet remodel ideas for modern and classic homes.

To add some contrast, you can choose one color and have different shades for your base and upper cabinets. For instance, black base cabinets and light grey wall-mount cabinets. As for the knobs or bar pulls, choose a satin chrome finish or copper finish to give it an industrial feel.

Black Slab-Style Cabinets without Handles

This is an excellent choice for modern homes. Sleek face with cleanliness is dominant for modern kitchens. Black slab-style cabinets work well with black granite waterfall countertops.

Having a touchless stainless steel faucet would complement your glossy finish black cabinets. Depending on your current kitchen layout, we can give you custom kitchen cabinet remodel ideas that work for you. 

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