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Are you in search of the ideal bathroom vanities? We offer a diverse range of top-notch bathroom vanities that exude a modern and stylish appeal. You’ll consistently discover bathroom vanities that harmonize seamlessly with your existing countertop choices.

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Mudosi stands out as the top pick for satisfying your bathroom vanity needs

Mudosi Kitchen and Bath takes pride in offering our valued customers top-notch products at unmatched prices. With a strong record of successful projects throughout the state, we consistently deliver outstanding results that earn us glowing 5-star ratings. Our exquisite showroom proudly displays premium products crafted with the finest artistry in NJ. Rest assured, we prioritize not only visually appealing designs but also functional optimization to ensure your utmost satisfaction.


Top Bathroom Vanities Services

The styles offered by vanities today are as limitless as they come, with contemporary designs incorporating sleek curves that give off an ultra-modern vibe all their own!

otto brand grey single sink bathroom vanities beside toilet and shower

Otto Home Goods

Elevate your home with Otto Home Goods vanities, where functionality meets design excellence. Our carefully curated collection of vanities brings a touch of luxury and practicality to every room.

james martin brand addison collection double sink brown bathroom vanities

James Martin

Discover the epitome of luxury and craftsmanship with James Martin Vanities. Our exclusive collection showcases bathroom fixtures that seamlessly blend timeless elegance and practical functionality.

Blossom brand blue double sink bathroom vanities


Unleash the beauty of your bathroom with Blossom Vanities, where innovation meets elegance. Our carefully curated collection showcases vanities that transform your space into sophistication.

customized double sink navy blue shaker bathroom vanities

Custom Vanities

Elevate your interior design to new heights with our custom vanities. We specialize in crafting personalized solutions that perfectly match your vision, ensuring an exquisite addition to your home.

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Discover Endless Bathroom Inspiration: Explore Styles, Layouts, and Decor Ideas to Transform Your Space.

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Selecting the right size bathroom vanity is crucial to making your bathroom look and feel great. It’s important not only for practical purposes, like storage, but also for visual appeal that matches your personal style. However with so many sizing options available it can be a bit of a daunting task! That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you determine which sized vanity will work best in your unique space – allowing both functional use & aesthetic enhancement perfect for any home or family needs.

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Mudosi is a cabinets store and the premier supplier of affordable yet quality cabinetry from the top manufacturers in the country. We focus in creating a functional and elegant kitchen for your home by addressing your storage needs. If you need cabinets for your bathroom remodeling, we can absolutely help.

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Brown bathroom vanity with white countertop and vessel sink
Emma S.
Emma S.
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Mudosi Kitchen & Bath provided an exceptional renovation experience. Their craftsmanship, design expertise, and customer service exceeded my expectations. The end result is a stunning kitchen and bathroom that perfectly reflects my style.
Incredible master bathroom with Carrara marble tile surround, modern glass walk in shower, espresso dual vanity cabinet and a freestanding bathtub.
Talha Donmez
Talha Donmez
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Amazing quality. Very professional crew. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, you should take a look this place before final decision. They have great options for bathroom vanities, tiles and countertops.
A beautiful bathroom with a blue vanity cabinet, standalone bath
Jacob S.
Jacob S.
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Mudosi Kitchen & Bath truly impressed me with their top-notch craftsmanship and exceptional design skills. From start to finish, they demonstrated their expertise in every aspect of my kitchen and bathroom renovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a bathroom remodel can vary depending on factors like the size, condition, and desired upgrades. On average, a basic remodel can cost between $5,000 to $15,000 while more extensive renovations with high-end fixtures may range from $15,000 to $50,000 or more. Remember that every project is unique so getting personalized estimates based on your specific needs will give you a clearer idea of what budget should be allocate.

When planning a bathroom remodel, the factors you need to consider are your budget, the layout, functionality of the bathroom, style, and design, the plumbing and electrical systems, storage space, ventilation and lighting, tile and flooring choices, sustainable options, and to decide if you'll hire professional help or do it yourself.

Some tips for your bathroom remodel to maximize the space of your current layout without expanding your bathroom’s footprint is optimizing your storage, use the corner shelving, choose a compact vanity, consider open shelving, use open shelving, use mirror tricks, conceal cisterns, opt for slim fixtures, get creative with your recessed niches, use pocket doors, and streamline your design elements.

Yes, Mudosi Kitchen and Bath have modern cabinets on sale. We offer a large selection of modern cabinet designs at reasonable prices. Our modern cabinets are famous for their sleek style and aesthetic appeal. It also offers functionality that enhances the kitchen and bathroom spaces. Whether you're looking for minimalistic designs or even the ones offering innovative storage solutions, we have options that could cater to all of your tastes and needs. Contact us or visit our showroom to explore our range of modern cabinets.

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